Election in 2022: We live or die

Election in 2022: We live or die

Many say the next election is far from over, and it’s too early to talk about it. We don’t think it’s early, victory won’t be decided in the last 6 weeks, we have to do it now to win - all of us. Instead of baking our own steaks, we have to stick together, otherwise we end up. The support of the government is strong, but there was an October, which showed that if we do not take the task seriously enough, the whole country will be "Budapest, Göd, or Miskolc".

It is even clearer than day that Gyurcsány's (and Mrs. Gyurcsány's) goal is to take over the full (dictatorial, if you like) power of the left. They settled accounts with Jobbik and the MSZP, the LMP, the Dialogue and the Márki-Zay Everyone's Hungary movement are so weightless that they are not worth mentioning. Our Country is currently an anti-Fidesh party, and so they are driving the water to the mill of the left with their divisive policies, but their support is also low. There is only one opponent of the DK, which calls Hungarians contemptuous and terrifying - the Momentum.

Within a few days, their second battle will be fought by balliberal, betrayal and nation-destroying parties that simulate ostensible cooperation in municipal elections and thus hard-beat their believers. One was their tail poisoning around the index, during which time the index, feared of cessation, immediately became two. The other battle has been going on in Göd for months, but today it took a very interesting turn: instead of camouflage videos, DK and Momentum were now tensing each other with fake sound recordings. Neither party has published the full conversation, only the public is being manipulated with snatched, slashed, false details. In detail about these at the source, but now that’s not the point.

In 2022, we will have two directions ahead of us. One is the secure development, prosperity, Hungary and the Hungarian people on the side of Fidesz-KDNP, with the slogan "Hungary is our first", which includes everything that is sacred and inviolable to us: our country, our family, our constitution, the our Christian culture, our Hungarian language, our national thinking, our future.

The other way is the betrayal, nation-destroying DK, which sells Hungarian interests for alms, one of the slogans of which is "Europe, we remain", the other is the "Most European party". Gyurcsány stated that "For me, being Hungarian means nothing". This mentality is also represented by his party, and everyone who enters it, who politics in the colors of the DK, live their daily lives along this mentality, do their daily chores. The DK and the left in general are doing something almost every day that goes against the interests of our people, our country, which makes it difficult for us to do the otherwise easy task of development, which consumes a lot of resources, time and nerves on the national side, as their lies must be refuted, their intrigues must be protected, and these are often lengthy legal procedures. In the meantime, we could have gone much further if these balliberal politicians at their head with Gyurcsány and the DK did not cross us every single day. Let us remember what they did at the time of the epidemic, let us remember that they are constantly urging proceedings and withdrawals against Hungary in Brussels, let us remember that although they are now in opposition, they are still insulted, threatened with confiscation of property and imprisonment. What if they get in government? Politicians, the rich, survive, but what about us - simple, paid people? It's bad to think about it! Those who experienced the period 2002-2010 as adults should tell young people about their experiences, tell us what it was like to be unemployed, what it was like to decide whether to pay for gas or buy food for the family.

We have two choices, two paths: we will remain Hungarian, we will preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity, security of the borders of our country, the peaceful life of Hungarian families, continuous development and our Hungarianness, or we will give it up, we will not go to the polls because we have more important things to do. as "to go to election" and let the enemy (not spelling - enemy. After what they have done for the last 30 years, they are no longer opposed, they are enemies) take power and take away our future. We will not leave!

We are not going to participate
We are going to win!
Come with us!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺


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