Already 15,000 families, more than 75,000 people can enjoy the smell of the new car thanks to the Large Family Car Purchase Program

The government provided HUF 35 billion for this

Already 15,000 families, more than 75,000 people can enjoy the smell of the new car thanks to the Large Family Car Purchase Program

The left has always just taken away from families raising children, the National Government, on the other hand, supports them! The Large Family Car Purchase Program is just one of many grants, here is the full list:

The family car assistance program exceeded all expectations. More than 15,000 seven-seater cars have already been taken over in the year since the launch of the large family program, and the government provided HUF 35 billion for this, the Ministry of Human Resources said. In the first half of the year, about eight thousand seven-seater cars were delivered to private individuals, which is twelve times more than a year earlier.

In thirteen months, the state supported the purchase of more than 15,000 new seven-seater cars with HUF 35 billion. This also means that the state provided approximately HUF 2.5 million per car as a non-refundable subsidy. In the thirteen months in question, families submitted about 28,000 applications. The vast majority of these will be contracts and disbursements when the ordered cars are delivered, said Attila Beneda, Deputy State Secretary for Family Policy at the Ministry of Human Resources. Based on the data, the program performed better than expected in the first year. Although the adverse effects of the coronavirus epidemic have been felt in the market, but with the restart of the economy, demand for subsidized seven-seater cars is picking up again. After about 30 billion forints made available so far this year, 15 billion forints are available for the program in next year's budget.

According to Ferenc Thomka, a member of the board of the Hungarian Leasing Association, by the end of June the leasing companies had signed a contract for the purchase of a new car for a total of 4,024 cars with large families requiring financing in addition to state support. The state-owned companies of the Hungarian Leasing Association provided financing for about thirty percent of the new cars delivered to large families with state support, which corresponds to the total new car market proportions. Since July last year, a total of 4,841 lease financing applications have been received from large families, of which 4,438 have been approved by leasing companies.

Gábor Gablini, president of Gémosz, recalled that there was a month before the coronavirus epidemic when so many people ordered a new seven-seater car with state support that delivery was delayed despite all the efforts and pre-stocking of dealers. Among the seven-seater models purchased in the program was one of the most popular, the Dacia Lodgy, of which four thousand have been sold since last July. Among the most sought after are the Opel Combo, the Skoda Kodiaq, the VW Touran, the Peugeot Rifter, the Citroën Belingo, of which four thousand also found owners.

Gábor Gablini said that in the first half of 2019, private individuals bought 670 seven-seater cars, and in the first six months of 2020, nearly 8,000 units were purchased. That is, sales of seven-seater cars have doubled. The car purchase program contributes to the modernization of the Hungarian car fleet. The Hungarian Leasing Association and Gémosz support all steps that help this process.


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