Dozens of migrants attacked the Hungarian border video

Dozens of migrants attacked the Hungarian border video

According to the left, this is a sham problem, they would not have built the fence either, endangering all Hungarians, but especially women and girls. What will they invent now? So far, they have lied to their faithful balliberal followers that "FIDes paid someone, the ancestor staged the scene."
According to them, with Kunhalmi in the lead, they should be taken out to the border and left overnight. And in the morning to ask if they still see illegal migration as a sham problem.

A group of violent migrants tried to enter Hungary illegally at Röszke.

Nearly a hundred migrants gathered on the Serbian side of the border in a small forest near Röszke on 5 August 2020. Police spotted the group through thermal cameras shortly after midnight. Migrants tried to enter Hungary illegally at several points on the border at the same time.

They acted violently against the uniforms defending the border, throwing stones at them, some behaving obscenely, in a shameful manner. About thirty climbed the border fence, trying to get into the country.

Police and soldiers on duty prevented any illegal border crossing attempts.

This is not the first time that migrants have tried to break through the Röszke fence. On January 28 this year, around half past six on the Vojvodina side of the closed Röszke road border crossing, a crowd of at least fifty people gathered at the fence of the diversion concrete barrier to enter Hungarian territory illegally. Some trampled the wire mesh, and then the scandalous crowd entered Hungarian territory through the damaged fence and ran towards the interior of the country. The movement of people entering Hungarian territory seemed threatening, one of the guards put it, it was "as if a crowd was attacking".

The guards tried to stop those holding them, but were forced to back away and asked for help. The crowd did not stop, proceeding in scandal, so one of the guards fired a warning shot with his service weapon. As the still-moving, shouting crowd approached one of them five to six yards away, two more warning shots rang out. As a result, and seeing the police officers arriving, most of the border violators ran back to Serbia.

Proceedings were initiated in the case, and at the beginning of July the Szeged Tribunal sentenced four men to one year of imprisonment for illegal entry into Hungary. The court found the two Syrian and two Palestinian men guilty of the crime of crossing the border barrier illegally as a participant in a mass riot. The accused were expelled from Hungary for two years.


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