Infrastructure development: they don’t talk about it - they do

Infrastructure development: they don’t talk about it - they do

Almost every week you get something that is just being handed over or a new development that is being announced. These are multi-billion dollar investments that require expertise, resources, and precise engineering, design, construction, and execution tasks. There are cities where it takes a year to put out a procurement, and even after that time, the document is full of errors, and there are cities where they don’t talk and mostly don’t talk but work. We now present 4 more developments.

🇭🇺1. The four-lane project for the Kecskemét motorway connection has been completed. To connect the county seat to the expressway, the Danube Asphalt on the main road 54 extended a 5.7-kilometer road section.
At noon on Wednesday, the four-lane section of the main road 54 in the city area was handed over in Kecskemét. The capacity expansion of the section between the M5 motorway and the main road 5 was carried out by Duna Aszfalt Kft.
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🇭🇺2. The Hungarian Road strengthened it with special small tractors. The machines and their adapters will be used for mowing, snow removal, degreasing and sweeping work. With twenty tractors, the road manager covers all his tasks.
Previously, the local governments maintained the cycle paths belonging to them, but each of them performed the task at a different level, so since 2018, the cycle paths along the main network and the main roads have been carried out uniformly by Magyar Közút. Acceptance of more than a thousand kilometers of bike paths was completed by the road manager in June. The value of the fleet of 20 machines and their adapters is close to HUF 1 billion.
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🇭🇺3. A quarter of an century of expected bridge widening took place near the Austrian border. The investment was necessary due to the increased traffic on the bridge over the Lajta.
The widened Lajta Bridge in Mosonmagyaróvár was handed over. The bridge over the Lajta River was widened by the city from HUF 600 million due to the increased traffic. The investment, which started last autumn, was carried out by Kútház Építőipari Kft.
The original width of the bridge was 5.3 meters, this was increased to 14 meters. Following the widening, the new cross-section will carry road traffic twice with a track width of four meters. In addition to the two traffic lanes, bicycle and pedestrian consoles were also developed on both sides.
At both ends of the bridge, the connecting roads were also widened to pass through the bridge, and at the same time public lighting of the bridge was implemented.
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🇭🇺4. The Tisza Bridge in Tokaj will be renovated with half-track traffic.
The reconstruction and modernization of the 231-meter-long bridge will be carried out by the A-Bridge.
Work will begin on the Queen Elizabeth Tisza Bridge in Tokaj, the investor National Infrastructure Development Ltd. (NIF) informed on its website. The crossing, which forms part of the main road 38 and connects the center of Tokaj with the recreation areas of Rakamaz, will be widened, a bicycle lane will be created on the north side and a footpath on the south side. The works use cantilever widening technology.
It will also take place
for painting the steel structure of the 231-meter bridge,
to renovate the stone cladding of the bridgeheads,
for the modernization of the Tokaj roundabout with a concrete track structure,
and on the Rakamaz side to cross the currently used cycle path on the main road 38.
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These are all important development projects for sustainable development. They are just "stadiums", for us the cornerstones of the prosperity of our country.


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