The mayor of Újbuda DK has been announced

The mayor of Újbuda DK has been announced

István Tényi filed a report against an unknown perpetrator due to a suspected criminal misconduct. It is about the fact that Imre László, the head of Újbuda DK, is preparing to terminate a contract illegally and arbitrarily; the decision could cause serious financial damage to the municipality.

Apparently, the mayor is not interested in the fact that the feeding of five thousand primary school children is also endangered, just as he also ignored the fact that the new municipal partner will be selected through a new public procurement procedure and a tender.

Although Imre László, as a politician of the Gyurcsány party, constantly talked about transparency and anti-corruption in his campaign, no minutes were even made about the negotiations and negotiations with the new company.

In his announcement, István Tényi pointed out that the Újbuda case is eerily similar to the VIII. scandalous contract termination in the district, which also erupted thanks to a public catering decision just a few months ago. Since then, the Public Procurement Arbitration Committee and the Government Office have also launched an investigation, which could result in not only a fine of one hundred million, but also a criminal complaint.

The András Pikó also terminated and then concluded the new contract for public catering services in disregard of the relevant legal requirements.


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