A library of thousands of square meters was established in Tatabánya with a knowledge tower and an indoor tree

This is not a stadium, nor was it built by "Lőrinc". Now what?

A library of thousands of square meters was established in Tatabánya with a knowledge tower and an indoor tree

The building will be created on a plot of 3850 square meters with a floor area of ​​almost 3400 square meters in the cooperation and construction of Laterex Építő Zrt. (This is not Lőrinc) and EP Konstruktív Kft. (This is also Lőrinc).

Laterex Építő Zrt. And EP Konstruktív Kft. Have built a library of nearly 3,400 square meters in Tatabánya, which will serve the entire Komárom-Esztergom county with books.

The Tatabánya County and City Library is located in the main square of the city, in the area between the railway station, the Árpád High School and the City Hall. The project originally started as a renovation, but during the works several static problems surfaced, which also had to be remedied.

"The facility will be realized from about 3 billion municipal funds, which will consist of several main contractor amounts," the expert of Laterex Építő Zrt. Told our magazine. amount.

The investment became necessary as the old library building in the current area was built in 1964 and was last expanded and renovated in the 1980s.

The former 1,500-square-meter library building was no longer able to serve its purpose perfectly, either in size or texture. This is one of the reasons why modernization and expansion were needed.

A pyramid-shaped illuminator gives light to the indoor tree in the reading room
In addition to the center of the reading room, a pyramid-shaped illuminator was installed to give light to the reading room and the indoor tree below, which was meant to symbolize the “green” character of the library.

In the corner of the building, a so-called knowledge tower was created, which covers the economic and service part. Here, in addition to the offices, the bookstores were located, which, unlike usual, were set up in the upper area of ​​the building, thus giving a greater task to static designers and structural builders. The interesting evening lighting of the tower hints at the mystery of knowledge.

The designers also paid attention to the fiber cement covering of the outer façade of the knowledge tower, which harmonizes perfectly with the main entrance of the opposite Árpád High School.

During construction, the contractors had to create areas with different functions. Furthermore, the mass and formal character of the original pavilion reading room and the side wings had to be kept in mind. The reading room on the side wings and the children's library and creative area can be accessed via the spacious lobby on the main line of the building.

Entering the building, the gallery lobby has a community space on the ground floor with a magazine reader, a café, a children's library and internet tables, as well as a multifunctional creative lecture hall.

In addition, a collection of local knowledge, local history and museums, as well as a research room and a training room for county librarians were placed on the first floor.

Soon, books may also move back to the shelves
The contractor Laterex Építő Zrt. Is currently completing the completion of the building, and the technical handover-acceptance processes of the facility have already begun.

"The building project originally started as a renovation, but with the start of the excavation and demolition work, several static problems came to the surface, which we had to fix by demolition, reconstruction or reinforcements," the contractor's colleague explained in detail. , as they were in poor condition and the original building could not meet the current static requirements, such as earthquake safety, and the children's library slab was not suitable for snow loading, so we had to demolish it and then rebuild it, ”he added.

The handover from Laterex Építő Zrt. Is expected by mid-August, after which the relocation of library staff and books may begin. However, for the schoolchildren and the general public, the library is not expected to open until early December.

Source, more pictures:https://magyarepitok.hu/mi-epul/2020/07/tudastoronnyal-es-belteri-faval-letesult-tobb-ezer-negyzetmeteres-konyvtar-tatabanyan

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