There will be another! - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

There will be another!  - Bodolai's claims can be confirmed

Screaming, marching, tears: everything was just a play, just like the anti-government demonstration. Every existing opposition politician shouted loudly, some at home, some in Brussels, and here, "in the zorbán," the index was being abolished. Meanwhile, the reality is that instead of an index, there have now been two, in fact, there will be three, because the "outgoing indexers" are just a temporary page, which they will certainly not eliminate, but will do one more.
In the meantime, they overthrew the government and Hungary, aroused guilt in their deceived believers and encouraged them to give more, because the rebuke was continuous even during that misfortune.

László Bodolai, Chairman of the Board of Index, may have been right to point out recently that the whole Index affair is nothing more than a pre-planned play. And the latest developments point very much in that direction.

The former Index team, which presents itself as a front-runner for the “independent” news service, will soon continue working on a new portal, at least as evidenced by their post posted the other day - which they also shared on the Facebook page called Outgoing Indexers. "There will be another!" - that's what the message is about, and the post also shows that you probably don't have to wait long for that.

However, if a new portal is really created soon, it will be confirmed by the president of the foundation that owns the Index, who reacted to what happened last week: “if the former indexers create a new page within two weeks with a publisher registered a month ago, then I expect an apology from everyone because it was all a play ”.

Solidarity is just a hoax
Although seems to sympathize with its left-wing counterpart, it nonetheless distributes index terminations on Facebook as a tastelessly paid advertisement, writes Origó. is currently circulating 11 news related to the Index on the social media. Origó believes that Zoltán Varga, CEO of Central Media Group, may be behind the action.

The editorial board of the index resigned on July 24 after László Bodolai, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Hungarian Development, initiated the removal of the editor-in-chief of the portal, Szabolcs Dull. Mourning the death of press freedom, international hysteria began and Fidesz was immediately named the instigator of the events, despite Bodolai stating the major ruling party had nothing to do with what happened because "the Index fell apart so they didn't have to reach out." In the meantime, interesting information was published about the edited editor-in-chief: Szabolcs Dull leaked business secrets and consulted with high-ranking left-wing politicians, including Klára Dobrev and István Nyakó.


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