When the arguments run out, the insults come

When the arguments run out, the insults come

This is how it goes, both small and large. Surely everyone has experienced that when we describe facts in a comment or in a post, and left-liberal payroll commentators have no objections, they insult: they make comments about the spelling, our name, our profile picture, our place of residence, and anything else that comes to mind. They explode from the poison of not being able to respond meaningfully, so they go down to a level at which we often don’t even want to communicate with them.

The great left-liberal narrators also seem to have sunk to this level, as their real objections to the work of the government cannot be. They either figure out some fake news, make a camouflage video, or make comments about the appearance of members of the government and the prime minister.

Criticism might even be acceptable if it were all done by a well-groomed, demanding, stylishly dressed, culturally speaking and behaving public figure. That is not the case here.

Henrik Havas paints in a 5-minute video that Viktor Orbán's appearance is terrible, his person is a disgrace to Hungary, he complains that after 96 hours of continuous work his tie was not tied, he did not wear a mask (others did not have ...), and in the meantime he adores Merkel, Macron and the Dutch Prime Minister. He also criticizes Tálla and Lőrinc Mészáros. György Lázár and Zoltán Kovács are fired for their hunting clothes, calling them a "stinky jerk peasant", adding that 2 million Fidesz voters will come in. We no longer had a taste for listening ....

Well, Snowy "Mr.": Look in the mirror! You speak? You who always have unpretentious, greasy, pinched hair wearing a shirt unbuttoned to the navel and pointing at your hurricane lawn? You who abused your position by abusing your co-workers? You who allowed yourself uncensored, obscene expressions in a live broadcast? You who "mucked" Olga Kálmán in a live broadcast as well? We did not want to go down to this level, but we will not allow yourself to be humiliated by a government elected for the third time in a row by a majority of the electorate and the Prime Minister.

Get off the screen because it’s not the politicians listed who are “distasteful” but you.


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