Hungarian successes in chemistry, mathematics and physics student olympiads

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Hungarian successes in chemistry, mathematics and physics student olympiads

The quality of education is not shown by the oscillation of the left-liberals' slumber, but by the fact that our students measure and achieve good results on an international stage.

Our high schools won three silver medals and three bronze medals at the online chemistry student Olympiad for the coronavirus. The international competition was attended by 231 students from 59 countries from 23 to 30 July. All 4 Hungarian participants won medals, as Dávid Benkő received a silver medal and István Dávid Ficsór, Bulcsú Fajszi and István Garamvölgyi won bronze. Chemical successes include the recent end of the Mendeleev Student Olympiad, in which 130 students from 28 countries tested their chemistry skills, with the Hungarian team of ten winning seven medals - two silver and five bronze - and three students receiving praise.

Not only did our high schools excel in chemistry, but they also excelled in physics, as we finished 22nd in the countries competition at the 2018 Student Olympics with 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals and 1 praise. While we won 5 bronze medals at the 2019 Physics Student Olympiad, we finished 38th out of 78 participating countries.

At the 2018 Mathematical Student Olympiad, we won 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, placing us 15th out of a total of 107 participating countries. And in 2019, we finished 11th overall with 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals from 112 countries.

You can be a good student in a class or a grade. However, this is just a little immersion, so it is not authoritative. The quality of the education of a class, school, nation is really measured if we achieve good results in national and international competitions. A good result qualifies the student, the teacher, the school, the curriculum, so the education system in general.

The quality of education is not determined by the volume of left-liberal squabbling, but by the results achieved in international comparison.


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