Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

Reality about Lake Balaton - against fake news

One of our dear readers went to Siófok to go on holiday with his family and, of course, to see with his own eyes what we have already written about in several of our articles. Around Lake Balaton, as everywhere else in the world, there is a free, cheap, and expensive service. Everyone can find the right price / value for them.

The attached pictures were taken in Siófok, we detail:

- Free beach of several kilometers.
- Free parking, toilets, changing rooms, showers on the beach.
- Sandy peninsula for kids to have fun
- 1200 forints a menu (soup, second. The picture shows the second portion of the takeaway requested, a total of 4 slices of fried meat and 2 slices of fried fish, the soup was not photographed separately). Incidentally, this is how much a menu costs in any rural workplace canteen, it is more expensive in Budapest.
- 300 forints for a scoop of ice cream
- Continuous police, lifeguard and civilian presence.
- In the accommodation of our reader (Luxury Apartment Hotel Siófok) a 4-bed two-room, fully equipped apartment 50 meters from the water (pictured in the background) with 2 toilets, 2 air conditioners, terrace, garden connection, outdoor and indoor pool, jacuzzi cost 27 thousand forints a day , sauna, free parking, WIFI, daily cleaning. These were all included in the daily HUF 27,000. Of course, the property accepts all existing SZÉP cards.

The beach was clean and well-groomed, with trash cans every 10 meters, garbage cut off, grass cut, and the beachgoers took care of it. Despite the restriction, there were many foreign tourists in the area, but Hungarian-speaking people usually got out of the cars with foreign license plates, and there was a good chance that they could be Hungarians working abroad.

Olga Kálmán made the video of the liar in vain, Olivió Kocsis-Cake lied in vain that a Lángos tried to expire Hungarian tourism and especially Lake Balaton in vain for thousands of forints - thank you, Lake Balaton is fine! Congestion and congestion on the M7 motorway are ongoing, and our common sea remains for everyone.

Source: Picture report by the reader of the numbers. Images can be freely distributed.

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