My mother, grumble! Katalin Cseh or Klára Dobrev can be the Prime Minister's candidate on the left, or All-in

My mother, grumble!  Katalin Cseh or Klára Dobrev can be the Prime Minister's candidate on the left, or All-in

When the left is very much sought after, then the methods that have been established in the West come: they can run a female prime ministerial candidate in the election. There have been examples of this, there are places where they have succeeded, there are places where they have not. We also remember the pre-printed Newsweek weekly in the U.S. with Hilary Clinton's "Madam President" on the front page. In the end, they failed this cheap populist pull.

Somehow we still have the feeling that the left is trying to play the women's card in Hungary as well, and unusual methods will be used in the election. In any case, Viktor Orbán will certainly not have sleepless nights from these candidates. Both "ladies" committed so much evil against Hungary, they lied so much, they so much mocked us in Brussels that there is no reality that any of them can defeat Viktor Orbán. The situation is that there is no person on the left to accept this position, instead of renewal, the old faces and old methods have also remained.

Viktor Orbán may be a female challenger

Ladies of Cinderella are expected to fight for a joint prime ministerial nomination. Among the candidates of the two strongest opposition parties - the Democratic Coalition and the Momentum - the opponent of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the 2022 parliamentary elections may come out, political scientist János Simon told our newspaper.

- Higher-than-expected turnout, NGO involvement and an exciting, fair candidate debate refuted pre-election concerns last summer. The mayoral pre-election contributed greatly to last October’s victory. This is the path that could lead to the replacement of the Orbán government, the success of the opposition in the autumn of 2022 lies in the pre-election, wrote Mayor Gergely Karácsony on his community page, who attributes his election victory to the pre-election. Political scientist János Simon also agrees.

The political analyst told the Hungarian Nation: the pre-election proved to be useful, because as a result, the name of Gergely Karácsony ran through the media. He added that government forces and the right-wing media also made the mistake of that

they reported on the pre-election campaign every day, helping Gergely Karácsony to become known.

- The pre-election is also supported by the fact that the politicians of the smaller parties - MSZP, Dialogue, LMP, Jobbik - have an individual interest in nominating candidates, because this gives them the opportunity to fight for positions, as crossing the parliamentary threshold is questionable for them at the party level.

- The real conflict has developed between the young and the old generation. At the pre-election, it may be decided whether the Momentum or the Democratic Coalition can give the person of the joint prime ministerial candidate, János Simon told the Hungarian Nation. He emphasized that you can hear that ladies can come to the fore, the pre-selection can be decided between Katalin Cseh and Klára Dobrev. According to the analyst, there are conflicts between the opposition parties, but the fault lines are not so deep as to impede opposition coalition. "If they can't agree, they can involve an outside actor outside the parties," said Simon John. The political scientist warned that the result of the municipal election should not be used as a basis for the expected result of the parliamentary election, and also mentioned that in 2022 it will decide how satisfied people are with the work of the government.

- Voters will make decisions based on individual criteria - summed up the analyst, who said

it will be really important whether people will have a job, whether the economy has strengthened or weakened.

According to János Simon, the credibility of the candidates in the individual constituencies will also have a decisive effect on the result. "Which party alliance can present a better-known and more credible candidate at the local level will win that mandate," the political analyst said.

Our paper visited the opposition parties to see if they support Gergely Karácsony's proposal that the person of the joint candidate be decided in the pre-election. So far, we have only received a meaningful response from the LMP, with the party clearly supporting the institution of pre-election, both in terms of the selection of individual candidates and the joint prime ministerial candidate.


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