The Beach Development Program will continue with the fourth phase

The Beach Development Program will continue with the fourth phase

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The Beach Development Program launched by the Hungarian Tourism Agency in 2017 will continue, with funds amounting to HUF 3 billion from September for the renewal of Hungary's open-water beaches at Lake Balaton, along the Danube, the Tisza, Lake Tisza and Lake Velence. This time it is possible to renovate 80-100 beaches.

In the first phase, the 55 paid beaches of nearly 40 Balaton settlements, renovated for the 2018 beach season, with a subsidy of HUF 2 billion. In the second phase, waterfront settlements received a total of nearly HUF 4.4 billion in support for the development of 43 free beaches, in which the free beaches on Lake Balaton, the Danube Bend and Lake Tisza received unprecedented development opportunities. In the framework of this year's third phase, a total of 90 beaches received HUF 3 billion in support at Lake Balaton, the Danube Bend, the Tisza, Lake Tisza and Lake Velence. In the first three phases of the program, the open-air beaches in Hungary were renewed from nearly HUF 10 billion, for which the Government provided a non-refundable domestic source.

Together with the fourth phase, which has just started, the Government has already provided HUF 12.4 billion for beach development. Beaches are one of the basic elements of the tourism sector, which provides a livelihood for 400 Hungarian families.

In July, the number of domestic tourists exceeded 1.2 million, which was higher than a year earlier, which is extremely welcome.


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