There are those who talk about CT and there are those who pass on the next one

There are those who talk about CT and there are those who pass on the next one

Remember! Gergely Karácsony promised in the campaign that there will be CT in every district, 9 months have passed, neither CT nor money. Karácsony In February, they received HUF 10 billion from the government for health improvements. Since then, a crying silence has surrounded the fate of this money. Improvements in healthcare are not being implemented, but are not even planned, no tenders have been announced.

We wrote about the 10 billion in this article:

HUF 10 billion means the currently 75 CT devices, so if Gergely Karácsony had wanted to, he could have three in each district. So much for the populist left-wing politician, but now let’s see what the government is doing in the meantime:

🧡A CT scan showing the lesion caused by the virus was handed over in Pécs

Imaging diagnostic equipment capable of detecting lesions characteristic of coronavirus infection was handed over at the Clinical Center of the University of Pécs (PTE) on Friday. Tamás Schanda, Parliamentary and Strategic Secretary of State at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said at the event: in front of doctors for lung changes caused by the virus, helps to monitor the disease during treatment and control tests.

"You can use it to answer questions that other imaging diagnostic tools, such as X-rays or ultrasounds, don't," he pointed out.

Hungary has won the first battle against the coronavirus, curbed the first wave of the epidemic and, unlike other countries, was able to avoid mass illnesses, he said, adding that although the Hungarian defense is one of the most successful in Europe, the threat has not passed, experts say to prepare for the second autumn wave of the epidemic.

The Secretary of State drew attention to the fact that the preparation could not be effective without adequate medical tools and equipment, so the new CT of the clinical center is a significant step forward in the fight against the coronavirus. He added that the device is of enormous importance in the early detection of other lesions, including cancer, as well as in performing lung screening tests.

Tamás Schanda pointed out: the clinical center of the University of Pécs is the clinically level patient care institution of Southern Transdanubia, one of the largest healthcare providers in Hungary, and in many areas it takes part not only in regional but also in national tasks. The center has an annual ward number of more than one hundred thousand, and carries out more than one million cases in outpatient care, as well as conducting research and education.

Attila Miseta, Professor of Medicine, Rector of the University of Pécs, thanked the university staff for their sacrificial work in the control of the coronavirus epidemic, and expressed the hope that in half or a year we will think of the virus as a bad memory. He believed that if we kept to the regulations, followed the instructions with due discipline, there would still be no very serious problems.

He stressed that medicine is evolving on a rapid scale, instruments purchased 7-10 years ago have already been depreciated and need to be replaced. One element of this process is the purchase of a new CT, followed in the near future by the purchase of another.

Andor Sebestyén, president of the clinical center, stressed that the university cannot stop with developments because its goal is to provide the best possible care for the population of the region. He indicated that the decision-makers already have a development concept that includes the reorganization of the Rákóczi and Rét street sites of the clinical center and the modernization of clinics.

Finally, the "mirror"
Compared to 2010, there are twice as many CT and MR devices operating in Hungary today, there are also specialists and many more examinations are performed with these machines.

"When we started collecting data on imaging diagnostic tools in 2010, there were 73 CT devices and 30 MR devices in operation across the country. When Minister Gergely Gulyás announced on Thursday, November 21, 2019, that there were 27 CT devices in Budapest , then there were still 124 CT and 76 MR, that is, a total of 200 large diagnostic devices were operating in the country, but it was licensed on the same day for equipment 201 and 202. And it is already known where it will start operating in January at 203. "


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