Let's stick to how we have lived so far!

Let's stick to how we have lived so far!

Although the epidemic situation in the surrounding countries and in Western Europe is constantly deteriorating, the Hungarian defense has proved its worth, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday morning. He emphasized that Hungarian healthcare was one of the best performing in Europe during the first wave of the epidemic, and now all means are available to control the epidemic.

There is no vaccine yet, we cannot get rid of it, we have to live with it, and if we live badly with it, it will have consequences.

"The Hungarian defense has proved its worth, now I feel that the intensity, effort and regulation of the defense are well set, so if we keep the way we have lived so far and the way we have lived with the virus, there will be no problem," said Viktor Orbán. .

We plotted the data for the last three months by comparing the number of new infections per day to the population of the countries. As a deterrent, we would have asked Sweden too, but the numbers there are so bad that they could even envy the Romanian numbers. Furthermore, in the spirit of liberalism, the Swedes provide incomplete data.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the development of the entire Hungarian water supply system from a thousand billion forints, as well as the transformation of the environmental protection and energy system.


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