The DK is sinking deeper and deeper - they don't even know what they're lying about anymore, their new fake news was shared by 1,000 "blind" people

The DK is sinking deeper and deeper - they don't even know what they're lying about anymore, their new fake news was shared by 1,000 "blind" people

According to DK, the task of education policy is to make the building accessible - no comment. The buildings of the schools are not being modernized by the education politicians, but within the framework of the school renovation program, through the Széchenyi 2020 tenders, accessibility is taking place, among other things, but let's leave this little thing to the test.

What is it all about, how does desire-driven sham production work:
The left-wing fakenews media produces tiny little pseudo-crumbs that left-wing parties, in this case the DK, take out in various comparisons from time to time, and in addition to the fact that the data reported is false, the allegations are liars, these pseudo-mosaics are stacked. next to them, to read the poster to provoke indignation in ignorant, dark people.

Not a single statement in the picture is true, but let’s move on in line.

📌1. 7.5 million "many": We wrote about this in a separate article, while their propaganda from the left and the fake news producer writes that a lot of 7.5 million, in reality, accessibility is already underway. So they didn’t start, they didn’t invent, they didn’t call for tenders, they didn’t plan, they all already have them. Construction is in progress. The statement is thus not true.

📌2. 360 million Matolcsy statues: The works of art will go to the Post Palace, which was privatized by the left, bought back by our National Government, and now the monumental building is being restored to its old splendor. The building will be a money museum, so the statue will not belong to Matolcsy, but will increase the splendor of a museum. We know that everything that is national, that is Hungarian, that is culture, that is history hurts the left, because "for them, being Hungarian means nothing" The left sold the imposing building of Magyar Posta for the 2.5-year amount of the subsequent rent. In 10 years, the Post Office paid four times the sales price of the Post Palace as rent. If this were not done, the Post Office would have been able to renovate the palace on its own and would still be the owner of the property.
The Fidesz government repurchased the building, renovated it, and the property of the Hungarians would be returned to the ownership of our country. The Money Museum, which is currently moving into a building under renovation, already has a Facebook page, follow it!
We wrote more about this here:

📌3. “20 billion for ministerial office furniture” Lie! The reality, on the other hand, is that the government does not buy furniture for HUF 20 billion, but in all public institutions where it is needed.
The amount also includes the delivery, assembly and maintenance of the furniture. When the left lies that schools are only thermally insulated, but the equipment does not change, we will respond to it with this article, as for many times they are lying to themselves.
The furniture will go to nearly 1,000 institutions (social institutions, government offices, document offices, schools, kindergartens, etc.) so this furniture will not be used by the “zorbán” but by everyone. Balliberal propaganda TV, the RTL club, on the other hand, showed Péter Szijjártó's chair in the report, which has served 8 cycles in 22 years, and the minister does not intend to replace it.

📌4. "Mészáros Mátrai's business" - The Mátra Power Plant is not Mészáros' business, but Magyar Villamosművek owns the power plant. This is again a national asset that was sold out by the left during exactly their robbery privatization, which is now attacking the government for repurchasing and renovating the power plant. The majority ownership of the Mátra Power Plant was sold to the German investor (RWE) by the Socialists at a price below the price of only HUF 13 billion during the Horn government in 1995. Meanwhile, the company generated an annual profit of HUF 20 billion - the national wealth was squandered for the company's 8-month profit! If they had not been sold, how much expenditure could Hungarian taxpayers have been spared? We know, right? "Our money!"
Robber Privatization:
Mátra Power Plant:

Well, these amounts are buttons compared to what they stole only on the M5-M6 motorways: 2,853 billion forints. No spelling! 2853 BILLION HUF damage was caused. Details:

DK is a liar, folly, demagogue:


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