Municipal property is being squandered by left-wing mayors

They are making money, the background of sales is confusing and suspicious of corruption

Municipal property is being squandered by left-wing mayors


Although the mayoral candidates of the left-liberal coalition have promised almost without exception to preserve and even increase municipal property in their campaign, they have been doing just the opposite since their election. The squandering of community property, primarily rental housing, is characteristic of both rural and metropolitan municipalities with an opposition majority.

The amendment to the Decree on the Lease and Disposal of Municipal and Non-Dwelling Premises Owned by the Municipality was voted on at the July meeting of the Vác Board of Representatives. The proposal, which bleeds from many wounds, may lead to a discounted sale of the city's real estate - István Sigray pointed out in a reader's letter sent to Vá The university lecturer living in Vác indicated that the amendment provides a much more significant pre-purchase discount than before for those who have been renting the property for at least five years and paying the purchase price in one lump sum. - Of course, selling below price is not necessarily devilish if the discount is given to achieve well-defined goals. The main problem with this is that the targeted warranty element has been omitted from the submission. For example, if the resold apartment is resold within five years, the discount can be reclaimed by the city, István Sigray said. He adds that, since in the previous regulation the amount of the rebates allowed much less room for speculative action, there was no need for a guarantee element. He also mentions that the list of non-expropriable dwellings was destroyed with a stroke of a pen. - There are a total of twenty-five of these, including several main square buildings, some of which are in poor technical condition. If the municipality can sell apartments in the city's iconic buildings even at a depressed price, it will be much more difficult and much more expensive to renovate them, the university professor stressed.

As reported by Magyar Nemzet, in June the new mayor of Eger, Ádám Mirkóczki, decided to sell the 300-year-old Senator house in one person, using the extraordinary powers and authority granted due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sándor Oroján, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP local group, said: "Every effort is being made to prevent the sale of one of the city's jewelry boxes, symbols and family silver, and the amok run by the mayor of Eger in favor of privatization." - Ádám Mirkóczki also decided to sell eight municipal plots, where the buyers are doing well, in one case, for example, the buyer only has to pay the purchase price in five years.

It was also decided to subordinate Eger's urban development company, which coordinates local developments worth billions of forints, to Evat Zrt., Headed by Zsolt Koltai, a well-known man from Hajdú-Bét. He is the member of the Board of Directors of Széchenyi Bank, several of whose members have recently been detained on suspicion of an economic crime, Sándor Oroján told our newspaper.

We recently reported that Zugló’s left-wing leadership is also continuing to squander the district’s real estate; most recently, it was decided to sell a building in a villa district well below price. The left-wing majority of the representative body voted to transfer HUF 18 million to the 155-square-meter building next to the villa at 64 / B Thököly út, to which 28 percent of the 1,400-square-meter plot also belongs. - It is absurd that our rented properties, the hens laying golden eggs, are sold for a one-time income. This leads to the slow but sure recovery of municipal property - László Várnai, an independent municipal representative, said to our paper, who believes that the building and the plot located in the villa district could be worth up to HUF 50 million. With regard to the sale, which is difficult to justify from an economic point of view, the left does not fully agree either, as the Momentum did not vote in favor of the decision supported by the LMP, the DK and the Socialists. In Zugló, meanwhile, it was also possible to sell all the attics owned by the municipality. According to Várnai, the local government could even build social rental housing in the attics, as Mayor Csaba Horváth (MSZP) spoke in his campaign about building new social housing.

In Józsefváros, András Pikó, the mayor who set himself up as a civilian, started selling out municipal rental flats. "Pikó promised a growing stock of rental apartments, compared to which it was decided in January that they would become sixty rental apartments only this year," the local Fidesz wrote in connection with the case. It is also telling that the main element of the campaign of the mayor who became a former newsreader of Klubrádió was housing: he repeatedly claimed that the VIII. There are 1,200 empty municipal apartments in the district, which will be rented out to those in need cheaply. Since then, it turns out only 800 apartments are empty, they are also uninhabitable. Since October, there has been a lot of anticipation of the application for social rental housing, but instead it is possible to apply for apartments with a renovation obligation of many million forints and a monthly fee of 2,200 forints / square meter, which can be rented on a market basis.

In July, it turned out that the left-liberal mayor of Ferencváros, elected in the autumn, would also amend the housing ordinance of the district in such a way as to give the opportunity to sell social rental flats and service flats below the price. In the end, Krisztina Baranyi's proposal was not even voted for by the New Pole faction formed by her ally Momentum, LMP, Dialogue, Jobbik, Andrea Gyurákovics, Fidesz – KDNP IX. and the head of his district group said that these properties should remain in district ownership. He also drew attention to the fact that the expropriation of real estate is in stark contrast to the promises made in Baranyi's election campaign.


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