They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

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They are lying about Lake Balaton, while they are the ones who are abolishing the free beaches

All free beaches in Szeged were liquidated by László Botka.
While Lake Balaton is for everyone, there are plenty of free, well-equipped, well-kept beaches for those wishing to swim, in Szeged, in the faithful citadel of the left, there is no such opportunity.

Most recently, Ágnes Kunhalmi lied a huge one when she was snuggling in Fonyód, where all the beaches are free.

The attempt to seize the free beaches is an assassination attempt against the Hungarian summer, therefore we demand that the company network near Fidesz cannot acquire and make the free beaches of Lake Balaton payable - this is what the MSZP, which has been longing for a rescue belt in the SE, has been campaigning for days. Representatives of the party's local government in Szeged also joined the party's signature-gathering campaign with great enthusiasm.

However, Haág Zalán, the president of the KDNP in Szeged and the leader of the party's general assembly faction, reported to the Hungarian Nation that in the last decade and a half the same politicians had assisted the left-wing city government in eliminating all free beaches in Szeged.

Fidesz municipal representative Ferenc Német remarked in this connection that at the turn of the millennium there were designated free beaches on the Foka free beach at the foot of the Upper Town panels in Tápé, at the foot of the upper town panels, and on both sides of the Újszeged bridgehead of the Downtown Bridge.

Today, the left city administration has abolished all free bathing facilities on the Tisza in Szeged
The pro-government politician highlighted.

The municipal representative of Fidesz said:

liquidated free beaches could be re-operated at minimal cost. According to him, this would require the municipality to re-designate the affected areas as bathing areas, to place buoys, to build a washbasin with a mobile container, toilets and to employ a lifeguard.
"Of course, you could dream of a bigger one, a few kilometers from the county seat, in Algyő, formerly part of Szeged, they offer locals and visitors a free beach opportunity on the banks of the Tisza," said Ferenc Német.

Haág Zalán emphasized that László Botka led it in Szeged

instead of free beaches, to the annoyance of motorists, a capital city pattern, the wharf is generously given to pedestrians for the weekend at the suggestion of the local Momentum.
At least for the few who want to spend the summer on the hot asphalt in sunny weather.

"Instead of giving back the free beach to the people of Szeged on the opposite side of the Tisza," adds Haág Zalán.

Source: Szegedma News Portal

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