The handovers of the new gyms and training pools will follow one another

The handovers of the new gyms and training pools will follow one another

🇭🇺The handovers of the new gyms and test pools will follow one another.Government of Hungaryit is developing schools at an unprecedented pace, because for them it is really Hungary, Hungarian families in the first place.

In the picture 4 developments have already been implemented and handed over.
In this article, we wrote about another 6 investments.

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A new gymnasium is being built in the Ádám Jenő Primary School in Újbudai
The Ádám Jenő Primary School in Újbudai will be expanded with a 1,000-square-meter, light-structured gymnasium.
With the government's investment, the students of the school will be provided with the conditions of everyday physical education, and the students of Szent Imre Gimnázium will also be able to take advantage of physical education classes, as a two-storey sports hall is being built there.

🇭🇺National Public Education Infrastructure Development Program

In 2014, the government decided to launch the National Public Education Infrastructure Development Program. The aim is to build gyms, classrooms and classrooms of European standard that will serve the long-term development of young people, thus helping them to carry out their public education tasks.

Improvements have been made in eight hundred schools, a total of 51 classrooms, 47 gyms, 44 classrooms, 15 completely new schools have been built, and 16 additional schools are being developed in the Budapest agglomeration.

Significant digital improvements are also taking place: a broadband, secure Wi-Fi network has been built in schools, and we have procured 100,000 IT tools for students and educators. They also provide significant support to reduce the burden on parents. by now, all elementary and high school students receive the textbook for free. More than half a million children eat for free or at a discount. The language exam is free and from 2021 high school students will also have the opportunity to learn a foreign language for free.

Teacher salary increases have made careers more attractive, and scholarships are also helping young people preparing for teaching careers. Even during the summer holidays, the increased salaries of teachers arrive. In August, educators will receive the previously announced 10 percent increase. In 2019, HUF 355 billion more was spent on teacher salaries than in 2010.

The picture attached in the comment shows the gyms or testimonies of 6 settlements, all the facilities can be viewed on the interactive map marked at the source. We pay special attention to the “bled Budapest” The picture shows the facilities of Kemecse, Csenger, Kőszeg, Sárrétudvari, Jászfelsőszentgyörgy and Törökszetmiklós.


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