Responsible governance - we are also preparing for climate change

They will be irrigated with the water of the Tisza between the Danube and the Tisza

Responsible governance - we are also preparing for climate change

A series of investments of more than twenty billion forints will be launched at Homokhátság, from which irrigation and infrastructure development will also take place - Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced on Tuesday in the Szeged wholesale market.

István Nagy said that irrigation will be developed on 1,500 hectares out of almost 4.4 billion forints; in an environmentally friendly way, not stratified water will be used, but the excess water of the Tisza will be used.

Through the ongoing investment, 1.4 million cubic meters of irrigation water will be stored in the area, and employment will increase in the area, from Domaszék to Üllés, from Röszke to Forráskút, new production areas can be cultivated, production security will increase and the region's economy will be strengthened.

A sorting and packaging goods handling center will be built in Mórahalom for more than HUF 6 billion;
In Kiskundorozmán, on the site of the wholesale market, an industrial cold store with a floor area of ​​10,000 square meters will be built for 12 billion forints, which can supply domestically owned hypermarkets all year round.

István Nagy emphasized that the development series will stimulate the agricultural industry of Homokhátság, connect the Southern Great Plain region with Vojvodina and - in line with the goals of the Ministry of Agriculture - encourage the establishment of producer networks.

The coronavirus epidemic has shown the importance of self-sufficiency, in which markets can play a key role.
It is also a national security interest, he said.

The politician reminded that there is already a HUF 30 billion tender at the social consultation, in which horticulture will be supported in the development of refrigeration and storage capacities, the development of sorting and packaging technologies in greenhouses, and the implementation of energy efficiency investments.

In addition, a new tender worth HUF 5.5 billion will be announced to support the production and sales opportunities of small producers. From the source, HUF 2.5 billion is allocated to the smallest producers for the establishment and development of agricultural and food processing activities.
The program supports the expansion of the sales opportunities of local products, the establishment and development of markets and fairgrounds with HUF 3 billion.

In response to a question, the Minister said that the irrigation development should be completed next year, by the beginning of the production season, the other investments can start in stages, after the establishment and improvement of the production conditions.

Zoltán Nógrádi, the mayor of Mórahalom, said that water development will change the future of about a hundred thousand people, more than a thousand farming families, they will be able to irrigate two thousand hectares of farmland.


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