The network of research institutes will receive nearly sixty billion additional resources

the left says it's an "impossibility"

The network of research institutes will receive nearly sixty billion additional resources

Are we surprised? We don't. This time, a left-liberal propagandistic fake news factory called "Mérce" published an article completely distorting reality. They write that "According to a government decision on Thursday, the former research network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, now running the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH), has been discontinued. According to the Academic Workers' Forum. it also makes these careers completely unpredictable and uncompetitive internationally. "

What, in contrast, is reality?

Researchers' salaries are rising and more resources are being developed

From the future, an additional HUF 22 billion will be available for the operation and development of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network's (ELKH) research institute network, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced. He indicated that this would more than double the annual budget of the research network, much of which could be spent on raising researchers ’salaries. The government also pointed out that an additional HUF 36 billion in research institution and infrastructure development could be implemented.

The Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH), established last September, has a significant role in strengthening Hungary's research and development performance, to which a significant part of Hungary's scientific performance can be linked.

Extra resources for operation
In 2021, the government will provide the institution with additional funds of HUF 22 billion, which it can spend on the operation and development of its network of research institutes. The government's decision on this was also published in the Magyar Közlöny on Thursday, which states that the government's goal is to create the necessary conditions for the researcher's career model, for which they will provide modern and flexible salaries. Accordingly, the additional resource will primarily cover researcher salary development.

Research houses are being reconstructed
According to the decree, the new research block of the Agricultural Research Center of Eötvös Loránd University, the new research house of the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine, the new research park of the Astronomical and Earth Sciences Research Center and the reconstruction of the Wigner Physics Research Center can be realized from more than HUF 36 billion.

catching up
In order for the government to close Hungary's international backlog, in 2018 it began to restructure the entire R&D and innovation structure on a strategic basis. The ministry indicated that Hungary reached a record 1.53 percent in GDP-proportionate R&D expenditures last year. Therefore, at their initiative, the annual level of budget support for research, development and innovation increased by HUF 32 billion this year.

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