All students receive the textbook for free

All students receive the textbook for free

🔴The Gyurcsánys benefited from the children and the families raising the children, the National Government supports the families, encourages the adoption of children, and ensures the upbringing of the children under fair conditions.

Textbook Issue.

In this article, we have deduced in detail what the beginning of the school year meant for an average Hungarian family before 2010 and what it means now. Before 2010, textbook packages accounted for 80% of the salary of one (lower-paid) parent, but currently the textbook is free.

Gyurcsánys unscrupulously sold everything that generated a guaranteed profit, such as textbook publishing: a predictable, predictable, secure business. The textbook publisher was sold to their friends, the price of textbooks increased year by year, while Hungarian families were hit by 11.3% unemployment, soaring prices, inflation, triple gas prices and double electricity prices. Even this was not enough for the Gyurcsánys, they abolished the family tax credit, abolished the socpol (a smaller version of the current CSOK), removed subsidized forint loans so that young married couples did not even accidentally have their own home, and trapped people in foreign exchange traps.

In contrast, the National Government put textbook publishing on a new footing and reduced the burden on families by tens of thousands of forints a year: the National Textbook Publishing is state-owned, the company does not operate on a profit basis, but performs rational, cost-effective work. The Government also bought the Alföldi Nyomda, which has been printing textbooks for many decades, thus reducing state expenditures, as now, in addition to the cost of production, the profit does not have to be paid to a market company.
And parents can be happy, because the textbook is FREE:

The head of Alföldi Nyomda stated: “The future of Alföldi Nyomda, which has been operating for 459 years, is stable, and I am sure that it will be able to serve Hungarian culture for hundreds of years” Géza György has not been replaced, he will remain at the head of the printing house years he has been successfully managing the company.


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