The building of the Mihály Fazekas High School is being renewed in the spirit of environmental awareness

Debrecen 2030 Program

Debrecen does not have HUF 160 billion in government securities in the branch, however, they are continuously rounding up public buildings for a greener future, a more livable city and its surroundings.

Modern and environmentally conscious - in the spirit of these, the building of Fazekas Mihály High School on Árpád Street in Tóth will be renewed. As part of the energy upgrade, the school received a heat pump system, the doors and windows were replaced, and solar panels would be installed after insulation. The investment will be realized from HUF 255 million as part of Debrecen 2030.

The energy renovation of one of the buildings of the Fazekas Mihály Grammar School began in the spring. The old windows were replaced with new ones and the construction of a geothermal heat pump system began. Thermal insulation is currently being carried out and later solar panels will be installed.

Mayor László Papp said: In Debrecen, education is a strategic sector, in the last five years the city has renovated 30 educational institutions.

- The city has spent more than 7 billion forints on the development of educational institutions operating in the city over the past five years. Some of them were energy renovations, similarly to the development shown here, and the other part was external and internal renovations, partly combined with energy development - László Papp emphasized.

Member of Parliament Lajos Kósa reminded that the grammar school is in a prominent place in the ranking of both national and rural schools.

"This school absolutely deserves its performance, with what the faculty and children bring out here to be exceptional, not only as an intellectual workshop, but also to slowly bring the infrastructure almost to what one of the best high schools in the country deserves," he said. Lajos Kósa.

Member of Parliament László Pósán emphasized that the government will allocate almost HUF 80 billion for education in next year's budget, as it is important that qualified professionals leave schools. He also drew attention to climate protection.

- It is not necessary to talk about the emergency, but to act, and an important part of the action is that environmentally friendly, energy-saving systems operate in public institutions - László Pósán emphasized.

The investment will be implemented from HUF 255 million as part of the Debrecen 2030 program. The upgrade is expected to be completed in early autumn.


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