This is how left-liberal brainwashing works

DK claims nonsense as a fact based on a false article in the index. Production of camouflage video and fake news continues

This is how left-liberal brainwashing works

Yesterday, we wrote an article about perhaps the biggest lie of the index left-liberal propagandistic fake news factory to date. You can read the article here:

Once again, the index posted an orbital lie: according to them, 35 percent of Hungarians lost their jobs due to the epidemic. If one has a drop of common sense, one can see that even at the end of the dark Gyurcsány period, unemployment in Hungary was at a low of 11.3%.

35% would mean that the country is inoperable because we would not be able to perform basic functions.

DK is now continuing to produce fake news that peaked during the epidemic, and the same news was posted as a fact on their Facebook page.

The "Numbers" team has launched a quick poll so that this time, in addition to the official data, our readers can also refute the propaganda page of Hungary's largest left-liberal fake news producer.

In 4 hours, more than a thousand people answered our question, 94 percent (939 people) of the respondents chose the option “My salary did not decrease and I did not lose my job”, 4 percent (42 people) indicated that “My salary decreased but I did not lose my job "and 2 percent of our readers (22 people) said" I lost my job "

Our readers essentially confirmed the official data that at the low point of the epidemic, the number of people losing their jobs due to the coronavirus increased to 130,000 in April. Before the epidemic broke out, 4,500,000 people had jobs, of which 130,000 were 2.88 percent. Of course, our measurement cannot be considered credible, as anyone could check anything on a voluntary basis, but it is definitely emphasized that the proportions are correct.

! ️And here are the latest official figures:

The first two phases of the Economic Protection Action Plan were successful, we managed to save jobs endangered by the coronavirus epidemic and create new ones, but we cannot yet sit back - said László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology disclosed.
Partly as a result of the measures in the Economic Protection Action Plan, employment data continued to be favorable over the past week. For the fourth week in a row, the number of registered jobseekers has been steadily declining and employment is expanding. While according to statistics from the Central Statistical Office, the number of employees was 130,000 below the February value at the bottom of the crisis in April, and only 30,000 at the end of June. Moreover, the employment level in June is 12 thousand higher than in January. Our employment situation is really understandable if we think long-term: in June 2020, 4 million 470 thousand people were employed, 742 thousand more than 10 years ago, in 2010.

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