Ákos Hadházy's data collector's action against the rule of law should have legal consequences!

It is time to not only articulate concerns, but to act. If you agree, pass it on!

Ákos Hadházy's data collector's action against the rule of law should have legal consequences!

The left-wing action against the radical Hadházy National Consultation is a serious attack on the rule of law. They handle citizens' personal data without permission, use the data for party political agitprop activities, end up in private homes, steal envelopes from mailboxes, use activists (and certainly pay them) to silence Hungarians unscrupulously.

The EDPS is clear, so it is time to start the proceedings ex officio.

If the national consultation questionnaires are collected by a third party other than those involved, it will run counter to the democratic rule of law solution, Attila Péterfalvi, head of the National Data Protection and Communications Authority, told the radical left Ákos Hadházy and his team on Wednesday morning. As we have reported several times before, the Hadházys arbitrarily collect the consultation sheets. Furthermore, there are many strange things about the action of the independent Member of Parliament, such as the fact that for years the left-wing journalist and his wife have a relationship of trust with Ákos Hadházy, who have their registered business in exactly the same apartment in Budapest as Hadházy's foundation. Despite the attacks on the left, the National Consultation has been a huge success so far, with more than 400,000 people already sent back the arches.

Concerns were expressed about the collection of national consultation questionnaires by third parties by the President of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH), saying to current channel M1. According to Attila Péterfalvi, if the questionnaires are collected by a third party other than those involved, it will run counter to the democratic rule of law solution.

Some members of parliament, opposition parties and action groups are calling on people not to send questionnaires to the government but to them, he said, noting that these calls do not clearly state how the data obtained will be handled in the future.
He objected that the data in the questionnaires could also be used to build a sympathy database. He indicated that in the case of personal data, the rules of the EU Data Protection Regulation apply, which also applies to parties and members of parliament.

There is a close relationship between Hadházy and a left-liberal journalist
There is more and more weirdness around the action of the radical left Hadházy. It turned out that for years the journalist and his wife have had a relationship of trust with Ákos Hadházy, who have their registered business in the exact same apartment in Budapest, where the Hadházy Foundation also has a postal address. Although the headquarters of the Ákos Hadházy Foundation is in Szekszárd, in his own apartment, the address belonging to the post office is also in Budapest: a ground floor apartment in Lövölde tér 2 / a, 7th district.

The same where two businesses are registered.
According to public company data, the individual business and the business of her husband Marianna Kovács-Angel, the journalist of 24.hu, are also announced in the same ground floor apartment.
The point of contact between the foundation and the journalist is the husband of the employee of 24.hu, Áron Kovács, who is also available at this address. He is the curator of the Hadházy Foundation.

Left-wing activists are stealing consultation sheets
The left is afraid of the National Consultation, of people expressing a firm opinion, which is why they are trying to take away the opportunity for free expression.
One of the leaders of the attack on the National Consultation is the radical leftist Ákos Hadházy. He and his men want to persuade their followers not to send back the questionnaires they also took to the streets to collect. Moreover, a video of a left-wing activist from Szolnok was made as he steals the consultation sheet from his mailbox. But in Debrecen and Mezőtúr, too, they tried to prevent it by destroying the arches or just collecting them so that people could have their say.

Almost 400,000 have already filled it out
In addition, according to Monday morning's summary, 396,000 people have completed the National Consultation so far. The Secretary of State of the Prime Minister's Office stressed:
Hungary is one of the most effective defensive countries, so efforts must be made to keep the virus out of the border, which is why the government has decided on entry restrictions.
Csaba Dömötör expressed his incomprehension as to why the left wants to prevent people from expressing their views on the measures they should support.

That is why we need the questions of the National Consultation and to answer it
The country has successfully won the fight against the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, which required not only effective government action but also disciplined human behavior. However, we see that the epidemic has resumed in several places in the surrounding countries, so the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in the fall cannot be ruled out.
The government therefore wonders in several points of the ninth National Consultation what Hungarians think about the necessary steps to control the epidemiology.
The government is waiting for answers to several questions regarding the epidemic.

In the first question, we find several choices. The government asks:

in the event of another wave of the epidemic, which of the following measures would you support?
The answers that can be marked are: introduction of curfew, ordering distance, ordering to wear a mask, closing borders, closing educational institutions, switching to digital education, restricting events, maintaining a separate shopping lane for those over 65, restricting the export of defense equipment and free parking .

In addition, the government asked six additional questions that could be answered in the affirmative or no:

Do you agree that epidemiological preparedness should be maintained in health care as long as there is a risk of a recurrence of the epidemic?
Do you think there is a need to further strengthen the epidemiological protection of nursing homes?
Do you agree that the government should strive to produce defense equipment in Hungary, thus reducing our vulnerability?
In order to detect the epidemic in time and prepare for the defense, do you think that there is a need for a permanent epidemiological monitoring service in Hungary, thus reducing our vulnerability?
Do you think that banks and multinationals should also contribute to the costs of control during the epidemic?
Do you think the government should maintain job protection and job creation programs even after the epidemic?
It is also clear from these that the questionnaire addresses a number of issues, from maintaining epidemiological preparedness to asset acquisitions, contributions from banks and multis, and economic protection programs.


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