The Momentum was admitted to the Parliament building!

Anna Donáth summed up her hatred of Hungary and Hungarians in a 1-minute speech

The Momentum was admitted to the Parliament building!

László Kövér summarized the essence of the speeches (with video)

Anna Donáth addressed the Hungarian Parliament. According to him, he protects "EU money due to Hungarian citizens from Viktor Orbán". Anna Donáth goes out to Brussels, screams loudly that there is no democracy here, that there is a dictator here, Viktor Orbán puts the money away, while the country is not developing.

The left-liberal western fakenews report this (believe it or not - it doesn't matter, they write about it), Annácska comes home and says that now they are asking where the money is internationally? According to him, we are downsizing the rule of law, which means we are getting less EU money.

In contrast, the facts are:

1. At the end of the 2013-2020 EU financial cycle, we are what Hungary knew, called and used.
2. The 2020-2027 budget does not yet exist, but if it does, it can only be established by a unanimous vote of the Member States (including Hungary).
3. Cohesion resources can be spent on development (infrastructure, public institutions, tourism, culture, health, etc.) and not on "democracy"
4. Anna Donáth, who regretted that the first victims of the Coronavirus were not Hungarians, would rather keep quiet.
5. Hungary will not be blackmailed by anyone with such vague "rule of law" threats. The loan will only be supported by Hungary if it serves development and is not a means of blackmailing certain left-liberal forces.
6. And finally about the "theft" On this page, every penny can be queried, the projects are in map view, with descriptions, amounts, pictures, all the data. This money cannot be stolen, and even according to the great and mighty Angela Merkel, Hungary has used the resource well and spent it on development.

We recommend the video only to those with strong nerves, because the hatred that radiates from this woman is quite amazing.

At the end of the day, László Kövér summarized the essence of yesterday 's "debate", ie left - wing monologues instead of dialogue.

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