Let's unveil the biggest fake news factory together

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Let's unveil the biggest fake news factory together

The index lies that "According to an EU survey, 35 percent of Hungarians lost their jobs in part or in whole due to the epidemic."
With this, the index has completely deviated from reality, as 4,500,000 people worked in Hungary before the outbreak, 35% means that 1,557,000 people lost their jobs in Hungary, and their article also states that 43% of people wages have fallen to 2,025,000 people. In contrast, Tímea Szabó lied to half a million lost jobs, and the reality is that 130,000 people became unemployed at the peak of the epidemic, a figure that fell to 100,000 by the end of May, and the June figures are not yet known.

Let's show the index what reality is! Take part in the poll and make a point at the end of the lies together!

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