The Parliament does not accept any political conditions for the EU loan package

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The Parliament does not accept any political conditions for the EU loan package

The National Assembly will not accept any political conditions attached to the European Union's recovery package, said Speaker László Kövér (Fidesz) at the National Assembly's sitting on Tuesday.

Presenting the pro-government proposal on economic measures related to the economic effects of the coronavirus, László Kövér emphasized that if the EU member states take out a loan together, they must also decide on the conditions together.
Hungary would not need this credit, but it is willing to contribute out of solidarity with the southern member states and as a “one-off, exceptional means of emergency” in order to maintain the functioning of the EU, he said.
He added: but only if all this was solely to stabilize the EU’s troubled economies and lay the foundations for making the whole economic community more competitive, “not in the IV. It serves to promote the establishment of the German-Roman Holy Empire ”.
The Speaker explained that the economic crisis caused by the epidemic promises to be much milder in Central Europe than in the older, typically southern EU Member States. According to the International Monetary Fund, as a result of the epidemic, the economic downturn in the EU this year will reach 7.1 percent and in the southern member states 8-10 percent, while in Hungary, which the IMF considers to be the most economically stable country, it is only 3.1 percent. he pointed out.
He believed that the Hungarian government had made timely and good decisions to mitigate the economic downturn and protect jobs. Therefore, after putting its finances and public finances in order, mobilizing the economy's growth reserves and strengthening families, Hungary is able to recover from the current economic difficulties on its own, does not need any EU lifeline and does not agree with the planned EU crisis management solution, he said.
He said that the EU Commission had drawn up a recovery plan that did not take into account the size of the countries' gross national product per capita, the size of the countries or the differences in their economic problems, thus unfairly favoring richer countries over poorer ones. it punishes countries that put their economies in order with smart and prudent policies, while it rewards countries that put themselves in debt with undisciplined fiscal policies. In addition, it is again “about the ego of the Brussels bureaucracy: they want to know better again what a good solution is” than governments have said.
He noted that they wanted to develop all this with the conditionality of the rule of law, ie "in a vague, undefined procedure" they wanted to link the payment of money to obligation to comply with
László Kövér emphasized that, however, “the Homeland is not for sale”, therefore it is not possible to “voluntarily attach a collar on which the end of the chain will be held by those who intend to re-colonize the small states of Central and Eastern Europe”.
He said: Hungary has been an equal and equal member of the EU for 15 years, and “so far we have been loyal to all EU decisions”, we have defended the EU’s external borders and “we have tried to stew with EU funds so that everyone benefits: we who receive and also those who pay ”.
Gulyás: The head of government considers the decision of the parliament as a mandatory mandate
Gergely Gulyás, the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office, underlined in his speech that both the Government and the Prime Minister will consider the resolution of the National Assembly to be adopted now a binding mandate.
Explaining the position of the cabinet, he said that the European Union is preparing for a joint borrowing, which has not been seen before, because without a similar rescue package, the solvency of quite a few southern member states would be endangered.
He emphasized that Hungary is a good ally and that its solidarity extends to the point of being ready to contribute to a borrowing move that is foreign to the policy of the Hungarian government.
The head of the ministry called the allegations that there were problems with the rule of law in Hungary untrue. He put it, "rule of law" is a political jerk with which Western European countries try to impose political sanctions on Central European countries that do not agree with them.

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