The pointlessness of the visit fee and the hospital daily fee in numbers

Gyurcsány's "innovation" hurt the poor, did not solve system failures and lack of resources

The pointlessness of the visit fee and the hospital daily fee in numbers

It doesn’t hurt to sometimes remember the deeds of left-liberals so that they don’t fall into obscurity. Recently, there was a visitation fee and a hospital per diem introduced by left-liberals 13 years ago and lived for roughly 1 year. By default, it meant HUF 300 occasionally, while for certain benefits it meant HUF 600 and HUF 1,000, respectively. This system was abolished by the results of the Fidesz referendum. In this post, we will quantify and scale up to see how much bullshit this fundraiser was around 2007-2008.

In 10 months, this “innovation” brought in HUF 21.7 billion in revenue, so we can talk about 26 billion on an annual basis.

We can count on savings of 77 billion in one year, if we get 64 billion in 10 months. They saved on the care of active and chronic patients, as many did not go to the doctor. This could be explained by the fact that unjustified doctor-patient contacts did not occur, however, the justification of a contact is always revealed only later. Drug turnover has fallen by 15 billion in 10 months, meaning then most missed doctor visits might have been justified because medicine is rarely prescribed for anything. Further arguments and counter-arguments can be found in the Index article, which was not yet clicked in 2008.

The graph shows that, compared to the HUF 1,854 billion health expenditure of the 2007 budget, the HUF 26 billion revenue and the HUF 103 billion (thus doubtful) savings achieved were negligible.

In order for our liberal readers to be able to compare to this, we have also plotted the 330 billion spent on stadiums over 10 years and the 2018 health expenditures on the graph. Thus, even they can see what kind of crazy governance the left-liberals have produced in this area as well.


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