The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

The Dobrev / Karácsony / László axis is lying again, silencing and distorting reality

Two news items were published, but only one was advertised by the left, and they also lied: Klára Dobrev sets the 1.5 billion that Újbuda "won" for her own merit

Dobrev’s saying that the opportunity for local governments to apply directly is his merit is a lie. He writes: "This is how it should be done! The local government of Újbuda in the South has successfully applied to the European Union. They won HUF 1.5 billion to build an online cultural community. The success of Újbuda is also important because it seems that bypassing the government, local governments can apply. then to eu resources. That's what we promised in the campaign, it became a reality! "

Reality: In which now the XI. district won is as follows:

So this is the 5th round of an urban development fund launched in 2015, which neither Klara Dobrev, nor the DK, nor the other left-liberal parties have anything to do with its launch.

The situation is that the first application period was already in the 2015-16 round:

In Hungarian, Dobrev has achieved nothing, but lies and adorns himself with other feathers.

Meanwhile, other news not advertised by the left came to light: due to its paralysis Karácsony, the capital lost a HUF 1 billion EU subsidy. The difference between the two amounts is 500 million, ie 16 months' salary of Gergely Karácsony's consultants, of which 9 months have already been spent.

The capital, led by Gergely Karácsony, committed another huge buck, this time with EU support. Due to a faulty planning by the “expert” management, Budapest lost 900 million VAT sources, which would have meant one billion forints to the capital with an intensity of 85 percent.

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós. In February of this year, the General Assembly of the Metropolis accepted the tender for the second and third sections of the ridge, and even provided the deductible, but it has now turned out that Karácsony a huge mistake was made in preparing the petition, so EU support is swimming. The story is interesting just because all the opposition politicians - led by Klara Dobrev - are campaigning loudly for EU money to be given to local governments. Now would have been an opportunity for a district to develop with EU support, but Karácsony the opportunity has gone away due to paralysis. Interestingly, neither Mrs. Gyurcsany nor the opposition politicians in Brussels are talking about this anymore. Could it bother them that Csepel has a Fidesz leadership? It would be interesting…

The first section of the Csepel ridge was completed by the Budapest Municipality led by István Tarlós and the Csepel Municipality led by Szilárd Németh. Based on the agreement of the Mayor of Csén, Lénárd Borbély and István Talós, HUF 400 million of the capital's own resources were provided for the planning and preparation of the 2nd and 3rd phases. This was enough to start the work, but no longer to make the complete construction plans. Therefore, the government, considering it important for the development of the capital and supporting Budapest, included it in the list of CEF projects financed by the Union. This gave the capital the opportunity to apply for 900 million VAT funds, which could have been spent on port development.

In its decision in February, the Metropolitan General Assembly also accepted that they should apply and provided the co-payment.
However, during the preparation of the application, the management Karácsony made a gross mistake, as they did not apply for port development, ie road development related to the port, in order to approach it, but submitted it smoothly as road development.
Therefore, understandably, the European Commission does not mention in the evaluation report the project proposal for the full preparation of the final phases of the Capital and BKK Csepel ridge, as it was not evaluated in detail due to incorrect submission, as “Road” was submitted as a sub-priority instead of “Port”, where the application was not eligible.


The ridge has long been a struggling topic for the district government. Lénárd Borbély, the mayor of Csepel, said that the construction of the ridge was a 1993 story, which was promised by Gábor Demszky.

He promised this in every election campaign. Then came the mayor's office of István Tarlós and then, with his support, the first section of the ridge was built in 2012, said the mayor of Fidesz.

He added that the construction was divided into three phases. For the next local government cycle between 2014 and 2019 - when Lénárd Borbély was already the mayor - it was agreed with István Tarlós that planning would continue for the construction of further sections of the ridge road. The capital has allocated HUF 400 million for this purpose in its budget. As he said, it has already been seen that this money will not be enough to fully plan the project. The municipality has decided to merge the second and third phases and will also plan and implement them. This was followed by a call for proposals opened by the European Union. This is a so-called CEF tender, where you can apply for a port and port-related developments. The government has recognized that the backbone is an important infrastructure investment for both the district and Budapest.

That is why the government has included the backbone in the project list, giving them the opportunity to apply for EU funding. A general meeting decision was made on this in February. The tender should have been submitted as an infrastructure development leading to the port, which is fully in place, as it would be an easy way to get to the free port of Csepel via the ridge road, said Lénárd Borbély.

The situation, however, is that the “experts” in the capital submitted the tender as a smooth road development that has nothing to do with the port. That is why this application was clearly rejected without a substantive evaluation.
I think such a gross professional mistake can be made very rarely, I think there may even be intent behind it. I can't imagine it being any different, ”added the mayor of Csepel. He said he would ask Gergely Karácsony that since this application had been submitted in this way and the district had lost a net 900 million plus VAT grant, the capital would set aside this money from its budget for further planning and make up the necessary funding.

Lénárd Borbély said that since Gergely Karácsony was the mayor, the Csepel municipality had wanted to install a homeless hotel in the city center without his knowledge, and the mayor had pulled the municipality out of all possible road renovations in the cycle. money from the development of the cycle path network from the European Union. (He withdrew the latter not only from Csepel but also from two other districts.)

On behalf of my district, I expect the mayor to stand up if this application has already been submitted and to pay the capital city’s additional planning costs, as this is already a capital investment, the mayor said.


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