The prison business is over

New wings were handed over in 10 penitentiaries across the country

The prison business is over

The completed investments will reduce the occupancy rate of prisons to less than 100 percent by September, and the floor space for detainees has increased by 25,950 square meters.

Today, the new wings of ten penitentiaries nationwide were inaugurated, with a joint handover event in Veszprém. By creating nearly 3,000 new places, the government aims to end the overcrowding in prisons by September 30th. The works for the expansion of the Veszprém prison were carried out by ZÁÉV Zrt.

According to the announcement of the National Command for the Execution of Sentences, 110-110 in Statampus, Pálhalma, Sopronkőhida and Szeged, 220-330 in Tököl, 330-330 in Baracska and Veszprém, 440-440 in Kiskunhalas and Tiszalök, and 550 in Miskolc. new institutional building wings.

The completed investments will reduce the saturation of penitentiary institutions to less than 100 percent by September, and the floor space for detainees will be expanded by 25,950 square meters.

More than 500 tons of steel structures were installed at the Veszprém institution
The predecessor of the Veszprém County Penitentiary, the castle prison in Veszprém, has grown from a single cell to a county prison over the centuries. By the early 2000s, the institute housed in the former courthouse did not meet the requirements of the age in many ways, so it moved to a new location and was considered the most modern institute in the country when it was handed over.

At the extended prison in Veszprém:

the weight of the built-in steel structure is 510 tons,
the area of ​​the plasterboard walls is 18 thousand square meters,
the length of the installed pipelines is 29 thousand river meters,
the roofs of the buildings are covered by a trapezoidal roof of 28,000 square meters
and 941 air conditioners were also installed.
The three-person cells are 12.5 square meters and the six-person cells are 25.5 square meters.

Éva Németh, the commander of the Veszprém institute, said that with the expansion, their congestion would fall below 100 percent. He stressed that the new facility will provide accommodation for both staff and detainees in accordance with EU norms and regulations.

Prisons also serve their reintegration into society
Justice Minister Judit Varga stressed at the handover that the penitentiary is a "complex" venue that speaks of both punishment and bringing the perpetrator back into society after the sentence has expired. Employment, education, participation in redress programs all help. He stressed that convicts do work during their detention, which also ensures that the prison is a place that reflects the basic norms of social coexistence, order, work and individual and community responsibility.

At the same time, the modernization of the victim protection system has begun: the handover of victim protection centers, the free legal, psychological and financial assistance available there, the 24-hour toll-free emergency number and the sheltered housing system are all serving a safer country.


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