There is huge interest for the national consultation!

Fill it out yourself and pass it on to everyone that the National Consultation can also be completed online!

There is huge interest for the national consultation!

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Left-wing parties and the thieves they mandate can steal envelopes - but not our opinion!
MEPs talk about national consultations in the second half of Monday's agenda

Gabriella Selmeczi from Fidesz spoke about Hungary winning the first stage of protection against the coronavirus. Avoiding a mass epidemic is due to timely decisions, teamwork and discipline, as well as excellent professionals, he added.

As long as there is no vaccine, the danger remains with us, so it is necessary to maintain epidemiological preparedness, he stressed. While the number of active diseases in Hungary is low, there are worrying data from all over the world and there is a chance that those coming from abroad will reintroduce the virus, he emphasized.

Attila József Móring (KDNP) asked why the national consultation on corona virus control and economic restart was important.

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, said that people are willing to express an opinion and it is important to know that. He added that despite the successful defense, the virus has not disappeared and a second wave could be realistic. The basis of the successful defense so far was also the broad consensus, which was formed without the opposition supporting the steps of crisis management, he noted.

Based on the experience of the first stage of the defense, it is possible to give a well-founded opinion, so it is useful for everyone to express their opinion during the national consultation, he stated.

There is a huge interest in the national consultation, and although the deadline for submission is still a long way off, based on Monday morning's summary, 396,000 people have already completed the questionnaire, the parliamentary secretary of the prime minister's office said.

In his answer to a question before the parliamentary agenda, Csaba Dömötör put it this way: all this proves that these are topical, important issues that affect the lives of all of us, on which it is worth giving an opinion. During the coronavirus epidemic, Hungary is one of the best and most effective defense countries and the government wants it to stay that way, so the virus needs to be kept out of borders, the politician said. He recalled that the cabinet had decided on entry restrictions for this reason and classified the countries into three categories (red, yellow and green), he added.
The Secretary of State emphasized that the national consultation would provide a clear picture of the measures most supported by Hungarians.

Csaba Dömötör stated, however, that the opposition "torpedoes the consultation" again and again. According to the news, the questionnaires are taken out of the mailboxes, and personal data about them is cut off elsewhere. Momentum scribbles obscene content on the sheets, while there are serious question marks about how the independent Ákos Hadházy handles personal data, he listed his problems.

The politician said he did not understand why left-wing parties wanted to prevent people from saying their views on the epidemic, the fight against the epidemic. If they couldn’t add anything to the defense alliance, at least they shouldn’t hinder the dialogue, he asked.

In his immediate question, Csaba Nagy (Fidesz) called on the left not to obstruct the dialogue on the coronavirus epidemic.

The pro-government politician called it outrageous that, as he said, the left was stealing the questionnaires from the mailboxes, destroying them.

He stressed that the left is trying to thwart the dialogue between the government and society, hindering Hungarians from expressing themselves freely, while hypocritically breaking the spear for the rule of law on a daily basis.

Csaba Nagy asked whether there was a suspicion of an infringement in these cases.

In his response, Pál Völner, the parliamentary secretary of state in the Ministry of Justice, said the left had previously made the fight against the coronavirus epidemic more difficult and now wants to prevent people from having their say in the national consultation.

He stressed that the collection of completed consultation forms by the left could be a data protection concern and the criminalization of personal data misuse would arise.


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