On the margin of the Polish presidential election

Alarm clock, Hungarians!

On the margin of the Polish presidential election

Andrzej Duda won the presidential election in Poland. Congratulations Viktor Orbán, congratulations Péter Szijjártó, everyone is happy, we are too, but….

The figures show that the success of the Polish presidential election was a long way off. It is clear from the position of Gergely Karácsony on which side Trzaskowski is on the side, and from the position of Viktor Orbán it is who our ally is - Duda.

In Poland, roughly (exact data not yet provided by the Polish Electoral Commission!) There are 30.2 million eligible voters (including those living abroad) and the turnout was 68.12. From this, it can be estimated that roughly 20,572,240 voters went to the polls in Poland. Duda got 51.21 percent of the vote, which equates to 10,535,044 votes, and left-wing favorite Trzaskowski received 48.79 percent, which is 10,037,195.

The difference is only 497,849 votes, which is negligible in a country with nearly 38 million inhabitants, 1.3% of the population. If they stay home, Gregory Christmas is happy today, and we would be sad, and of course most Poles.

Everyone draws a lesson from this - in 2022, everyone has to go to the polls. TO EVERYONE because the left will be there.


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