Brainwashing camps are organized by the left and NGOs, but what is the national side’s response to that?

Brainwashing camps are organized by the left and NGOs, but what is the national side’s response to that?

In a political sense, left-liberal parties, their pseudo-civilian organizations and NGOs engaged in anti-Hungarian activities with foreign money are increasingly "raping" Hungarian youth. The 15-20 age group belongs to those who are still forming their political views, at this age young people are starting to be interested in public affairs and politics. The left takes full advantage of this opportunity, as we can see quite successfully: it fills young people's heads with lies so that they can be put to life with them later on, and draws false conclusions based on lies to see only the bad in all government action, even if in the case of family allowances, social benefits or developments, as the case may be.

In 10 years, a whole new generation has grown up and become “politically mature,” and we have unfortunately lost much of that generation because, in our view, there has been no proper, conscious, consistent, and results-oriented work in this very important area.

What should we do? In addition to the fact that many consider it the responsibility of parents to educate and inform young people, we all know that rebellious teens usually do the exact opposite of what their parents say and expect from them. It would be very important to organize similar trainings and information events, and since left-liberals are also active in politics in schools, it should not be ruled out that children should be told about reality at the school desk.

For example, it is not forbidden to give lectures on the economic, development and health achievements of the government, it is not forbidden to report on the Hungarian rule of law to children, nor is it forbidden for us to organize such camps.

The Elizabeth camps are not political in nature, they serve the well-being of families and younger children, moreover, we are not aware of any gatherings that educate national thinkers where we would address this 15-20 age group. National policy must be more open and speak to everyone in their own language, on their own platforms, according to their own needs. Our parties and pseudo-civilian organizations, funded from abroad and politicizing against our country, must not be allowed to brainwash young people. It's not allowed!

If you are aware of right-wing camps, trainings, courses that exist but do not receive enough attention, please let us know in the comments and we will support them with advertising.

Thank You!

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