Spend you Holiday in Hungary!

In addition to getting to know the wonderfully beautiful landscapes of our country, you will also help the economy, tourism and the hospitality industry to recover.

Spend you Holiday in Hungary!

Hungary is a wonderful and safe place, perhaps one of the safest in all of Europe! Holidays abroad are currently risky, and returning home can be difficult due to the newly introduced epidemiological measures (more here:https://www.facebook.com/alexandraszentkiralyi.gov/posts/176247827223093), the journey is longer and more expensive, during a holiday abroad a person becomes vulnerable and often does not get what he expected for his money, while he cannot complain if he does not speak the language either.

The Team of Numbers will continue to use the opportunities provided by Hungarian tourism, as there are still plenty of places we have never been to. The popular holiday resorts in Hungary are constantly evolving (this is when the left lies that Orbán Ráhel gets X billion) and so we can get rich with more and more experiences. Wherever we go, we feel that we are at home, we have rights and obligations, we are not second-class citizens, but we spend our own taxed money in our own country, supporting, developing, making our homes more beautiful and better.

This year, many employers have pre-paid their employees the benefits of beautiful cards on a monthly basis due to more favorable taxation, and many of us have done so. We can pay the full amount of the holiday with a nice card, we will have to spend almost only on fuel.

For each forint spent, we will see now, as we have done so far, how the money goes to domestic companies, thus supporting Hungarian jobs and the Hungarian economy. In the case of expenditures, we will always ask for the bill / block to whiten the economy and get the VAT where it goes: to improve health care, to rebuild our schools / kindergartens / road network, to reduce taxes, to support families, etc.

Due to the epidemic and the economic crisis, many accommodations have reduced their prices, it’s worth a look! Such "http://booking.com/"and instead of similar intermediaries, we should always contact the chosen accommodation, because we have already seen that booking has offered accommodation at twice the price it actually costs.

We are Hungary together!🇭🇺

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