In a political sense, Gyurcsány "rapes" vulnerable young people

We watch with hundreds of thousands of children being beaten by this criminal

In a political sense, Gyurcsány "rapes" vulnerable young people

The fury of Őszöd pushes Hungarian youth unbridledly and with steam power! If the national side does not wake up slowly, the fallen prime minister, who has switched to a gentle and salivary mode, will fool our sons and daughters one by one and then sacrifice them on the altar of his unquenchable, insatiable desire for power. It is high time that the bourgeois-conservative camp addresses them before they fall into the spell of Fletó (and / or Fegyőr): a stifling prisoner.

Fidelitas! You have historical roles, you don’t have to be offended, you have to work hard! We, and many others, are ready to cooperate, you have the ball!

Gyurcsány builds on the fact that - in a political sense - every joke for the newborn.

The current 16-30-year-olds (and unfortunately for the most part are rightly right here) have no faint idea of ​​what he did, for example, in the summer and fall of 2006, when police beat bloody and shot anti-government protesters. Or about how he incited Hungarians against the Hungarians during the 2004 referendum, how it shattered the historical unity of the nation. And about how he lied through the narrow years of his rule, how he ruined the country with his left-liberal political accomplices (see also: SZDSZ), sold it out, owed it, trapped it into a loan, usurped its economy, made hundreds of thousands of Hungarian families impossible.

Not even for him, the snakes are just snaking, and the destroyer is now mastering with all his might so that he can be reborn as the Feri of the young, regaining both the past and the present, once again.

The DáKó party is currently announcing a "summer university" with Ferenc Gyurcsány. August 10-13 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over the country are invited to Balatonlelle for a three-day “training”, “who are interested in the world of politics, or may want to learn more about its operation from the former prime minister in interactive tasks”. They promise that in addition to Gyurcsány, there will be communication specialists and current DK politicians among the speakers (we guess: Zsolt Gréczy, the braner photographer, the formation who frightened white, Christian, heterosexual Hungarians, , according to whom our country is unfortunately not bad at coronavirus deaths, maybe Kálmán “Mucika”, confirmed from Simicska-Jobbik, or the blood-red Ms. Feri straight from Brussels - an illustrious list, well worth the fool ...).

By the end of the three-day summer university, the Gyurcsányi students aim to "make students more familiar with the operation of daily politics, the conditions of Hungarian politics, the operation of political communication and the politicians of the DK". The Fidesz-ficáz, (re) education camp for Orbán phobia - nana - is free, the entrance test is sent and managed online by Gyurcsány and his social media profile.

Whether a lot of wine will be drunk not far from Őszöd with the unfortunate victims is not a matter of fama, in any case, knowing the dangers of Brainstorming from the DáKó: caution is paramount. Don't let your children in!


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