Füzér Castle, Budapest-Pécs railway line, and the National Irrigation Development Model Program

4 significant improvements that 444 and the index will not write about

Füzér Castle, Budapest-Pécs railway line, and the National Irrigation Development Model Program

🇭🇺1. The nuclear power plant investment has reached a milestone
Despite the epidemic situation, he submitted the application for a construction permit to the nuclear authority on schedule according to Paks II. Zrt. Minister János Süli and Paks II were the first to report on the most significant step in the history of the project to the mayors of the region. Zrt. Management.

Paks II handed over almost three hundred thousand pages of documentation. Zrt. To the National Atomic Energy Agency on 30 June. The application for a construction permit was submitted electronically. Arranged in a ring binder, the 283,000 pages would be taller than a ten-story house, explained Minister János Süli, who was the first to report to the mayors of the region on the project's most important milestone.

More details:https://www.magyarhirlap.hu/gazdasag/20200630-merfoldkohoz-ert-az-atomeromu-beruhazas

🇭🇺2. The fairytale castle of Füzér is renewed.
Reconstruction works at the Füzér Castle may continue in the future, according to public procurement data. As we wrote earlier, the renovation of the Gate Tower, the Steward's House, the Czejtház, the Kapubástya and the Clock Tower has already started, but after that:

the Deákház,
the Captain's House,
the flower garden,
and the outer castle wall can also be renewed.
The investment can be realized from nearly HUF 1 billion 250 million, implemented by LAKI Épületszobrász Zrt.

So far, about four billion forints have been spent on the renovation of the castle, and another six billion forints will be needed for its complete completion. According to experts, after the completion, the number of visitors to the castle may exceed 140 thousand visitors a year. The complete reconstruction can be completed by 2025.


🇭🇺3. The development of the northern section of the Budapest-Pécs railway line is progressing
The consortium of Mészáros and Mészáros and the Railway Builders is working on the railway line connecting the capital and Pécs: the speed of the trains is accelerating to 160 km / h on a significant section.
The 15.7-kilometer track between Százhalombatta and Ercsi junction and the related facilities will be developed, thanks to which transport will be possible on two tracks,
Between Ercsi and Pusztaszabolcs, the previously smaller track will be renewed and developed in a similar way at 12.2 km, which will be able to travel at a speed of 160 km / h upon completion of the works.


🇭🇺4. János Lázár: watering must be carried out efficiently in an environmentally friendly way, saving water. A National Irrigation Development Model Program was launched on 5,500 hectares

The representative of the parliament of the region gave details of the HUF 8.5 billion irrigation development pilot program in Mezőhegyes in a video published on his community page.

- Our goal is for all Hungarian farmers, small and large, to learn about a technology that will enable us to irrigate water efficiently in the 21st century in an environmentally friendly way, saving water. - emphasized János Lázár about the development in the video.

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