Nearly one year of performance on the left axis: Numbers Pest County article from the 3 "taken back" cities

Nearly one year of performance on the left axis: Numbers Pest County article from the 3 "taken back" cities

In October, a triple left-wing axis was formed in Pest County: Csaba Balogh (Göd), Béla Juhász (Sződliget) and Ilona Matkovich (Vác) as mayors. Recall the performance of the last three quarters, there is something to remember.

Ladies have the priority, and Ilona Matkovich is the runner-up on this list.

! ️1. The Mouth Lock Regulation
Ilona Matkovich, supported by Jobbik, MSZP, DK and LMP, provided in her first mayor's instruction on 12 December that employees of municipal companies and related companies may only make statements and appear to the municipality with her prior written permission. and criticisms of its companies. (Facebook posts too!) The first mayoral decree was always symbolic, Ilona Matkovich did not even try to hide her intentions.
The text of the instruction does not sanction false statements, but those that are detrimental to the municipality. (The text does not use the common word “such untrue communication” in civil law, but only plainly the phrase “such communication” without “untrue.”) So you should lie if it praises the town hall, but it is forbidden to tell the truth if it is offends those in power. This is the concept of left-liberal democracy and freedom of speech today.
But let’s look at the practical side of the thing. According to the instructions, applications must be submitted directly to the mayor and decided directly by him. With prior written permission. Is it conceivable that a mayor would spend much of his working time pre-screening facebook, instagram, and twitter messages from employees, agents, and entrepreneurs of municipal companies? Is censorship really the most important task of a city mayor?


! ️2. The returned sports hall
It is not enough to start his career as mayor by raising the salaries of politicians, returning the HUF 5 billion development support of the multifunctional event hall to the government, accompanied by a muscular "stadium". Ilona Matkovich explained the strange decision that Vác had to spend HUF 5 billion on another with a childish and false argument. The mayor could not take this seriously, as it was a targeted grant that could only be spent on building a sports hall.
So Vác missed the opportunity, instead the right-wing mayor of Balassagyarmat started lobbying for the construction of the sports hall. This is the difference between the two sides that the Vaci were able to feel relatively quickly on their own skin.


! ️3. The scandal of the Danube Bend Theater
Under the leadership of Márk Kis Domonkos, theater director, the building of the Vác Danube Bend Theater received renovated, never-before-seen attendance data. they also won the main prize of the Belaya Vezha International Theater Festival, and in 2019 the director received the Mari Jászai Prize. So the question arises: what was wrong with the Matkovichs running the theater when they were so outstanding professionally? The answer is simple, and at the same time sad: the person of Mark Dominic the Little did not suit them politically, despite bringing the cultural life of the city to success.

Unfortunately, their battle for many months was successful, and the theater is no longer run by Márk Kis Domonkos. The city administration made the director's job so impossible and launched a multi-month campaign against him that prompted Mark Little Dominic to end the unworthy situation as soon as possible and leave by mutual agreement. Even if it falls short of the 12-month absence fee that would have accrued to him if the Matkovichs had been sent once without justification, as he would have had more than 1 year left until his 2022 term.

We remember Matkovich started by tightening the theater’s budget, and then, after the theater director talked about it in the press, the mayor responded with the “democratic” move by introducing his nationally infamous “mouthpiece decree” that no one he may make a statement which he himself would not approve. But these are still just the cases that took place in public. We can also see from the quote above, but behind the scenes, there was an even harsher policy of force.

In response, theater employees stood by the director as one, with 80% of employees resigning after the change.


! ️4. Tax increases, new types of taxes
After the city government returned HUF 5 billion in development funds to the government, increased the number of deputy mayors, tripled the politicians 'first commission membership fees, tripled the politicians' second commission membership fees, set the mayor's salary and expenses above over one million forints, brutal increases in personal and business taxes and fees are needed with reference to frugal farming.
The plans were made in a hurry and in complete secrecy, and nothing came of the transparent operation and civil consultation advertised in the campaign. Both the Vác businesses and the population are burdened by the hastily stagnant tax increases.
1. The construction tax of traders increased by 50%: from HUF 600 per square meter to HUF 900,
2. The construction tax of industrial companies increased by 30%: from HUF 600 per square meter to HUF 800,
3. Vác introduced a new type of tax, the land tax: HUF 200 per square meter, which is the legal maximum for undeveloped plots of land in companies,
4. The Vác advertising tax was introduced: HUF 8,000 per square meter,
5. Increase public space usage fees by 10%


! ️5. Increasing the price of beach tickets
As previously reported, the Vác leadership has been able to make people's everyday lives more difficult for the past nearly a year. Beach tickets, passes, tuition fees have all risen.
The fraternity rebate was abolished and the fees for swimming lessons and camps were also raised.
The most drastic increase can be seen in the season tickets: the adult 10 suitable season ticket increased by 46%, the child, student, pensioner monthly, morning swimming season ticket increased by 43%.

Source: 1.

Ilona Matkovich carried out a lot of scandals during her short operation so far, we have only written about a fraction of them above. There was also unnecessary renovation of the Town Hall in violation of heritage protection rules for HUF 1 billion, evictions, reduction of employee salaries during the epidemic to HUF 0, and during the epidemic, for example, Matkovich replaced the former head of the kukaholding with a one-man decision. Nor can we forget when Matkovich attacked the Vác handball team at the time of the epidemic, the case almost ended badly. In Vác, public spaces are neglected, all in all, a certain small Austrian town is still far away.

We are heading south, follow Béla Juhász, who has turned everywhere!

- \ - \ -
Juhász has been elected for the third time in Sződliget, with a population of 5,000. Interestingly, he only takes up his views in the parliamentary elections (in which case he loses them), he starts and wins in the local elections with his local phantom organization, the Clean Source. Béla Juhász stands out from the trio because he is already an old motorcyclist compared to his opposition counterparts.

Béla Juhász - perhaps based on his experience - was able to bring together fewer scandals in the new cycle.

! ️1. Camouflage during an epidemic
The Numbers Pest County page analyzed one of the interesting writings of the blogging mayor, in which slips, fake news and horror news appeared in heaps. Come in line:

1.) Lies: "In his crowned communication," Orbán "passes on as a grace the" possibility "of the necessary extra tightening" to the mayors on weekends. They are rebuked if they dare to impose bans. "
1.) truth: Municipalities are free to get the extra powers for the weekends, the government leaves the decisions to the mayors so that they are appropriate and tailored to the settlement.
- \ - \
2.) lie: "Recently, even end-stage cancer patients, the helpless elderly, are being repatriated from state-funded institutions - saving lives!"
2.) truth: Patients who can only be cared for at home are sent from hospitals for home treatment, Béla Juhász spreads false news / horror, consciously.
- \ - \
3.) lie: "While additional tasks were imposed on local governments due to the epidemic, not only were they not given a single penny to carry them out, but they were also deprived of the remainder of the car tax that had been cut short by Fideszek years ago."
3.) truth: Defense is not only the responsibility of the central government, but also of all citizens and local governments, so local governments must also bear minimal burdens.
- \ - \
4.) lie: "Tourist tax revenues have been suspended, it has been forbidden for the municipality to ask for money for parking in its territory.
4.) Truth: This is said to have stopped tourism because of the threat of an epidemic and made parking free across the country.

! ️2. Exaggerated blogging
In his article the day before yesterday, the self of the left-liberal narrator flared up again in Béla Juhász. He says of those living in the eastern part of the country: "It's all like a reserve. Plus, no one cares. Most of the people here are the strongest voters in the ruling party. They get daily hate drops, a migrant, a gypsy, a gay man and they're happy. they can also kick in, even the most mischievous. "

From week to week, he presents his now trite, disgusting thoughts to the country-world, we recommend our readers a treat on the hate page.
Béla Juhász also had other scandalous cases, such as the fact that for many years he kept the website of the local government, which had to be uploaded as required by law, completely empty. (For the sake of transparency, even the most basic transparency documents were missing - most of them are still missing today.)


Béla Juhász clearly wants to break out of the village, fortunately he has not succeeded so far. As we wrote, he has turned almost everywhere in Hungarian politics: MDF, TOGETHER, is now a member of Momentum.

- \ - \ -
Follow the third co-creator, also Momentum from Balogh Csaba Göd!

! ️1. The case of the Thermal Bath
The popular thermal bath in Göd, which has been operating for decades, was closed due to the hesitation of Mayor Csaba Balogh Momentum, according to the local opposition. Csaba Balogh proved indecisive in the matter of the urgent replacement of the transformer house of the thermal bath. This is at least surprising, given the one-person decisions made by the Momentum mayor during a pandemic against the will of the majority of the municipal body.
Before the 2019 municipal elections, the City of Göd decided on 24 July last year that the transformer house of the Göd thermal bath should be replaced because the outdated equipment is so obsolete that it can no longer be repaired and its operation endangers the safety of the beach. After the October election, Csaba Balogh Momentum became the new mayor of Göd, who must know the previous decision of the municipality, but does not seem to have done everything for the safe operation of the beach. Indeed!
On 5 February this year, Elmű will be the 765/2020. In a letter dated. The connection of the thermal bath from the network was put into view. Csaba Balogh did not approve the renovation, claiming that the city did not have an approved budget, while it had nearly two billion forints in the city's account, he inherited so much from the Fidesz city administration. However, on 3 March, the Board of Representatives adopted the 2020 budget, allocating a separate line for the transformer house replacement with a budget of HUF 30 million, but nothing happened four months ago.
The transformer housing, meanwhile, has surrendered again. and Elmű wrote in its April 7, on-site technical inspection minutes issued on April 7, that the transformer housing could not be repaired, was obsolete, and replacement was recommended.
The mayor's opposition complains that despite the city's approved budget, a new head of investment department has been appointed, despite Balogh's one-man decision to sign Gödre's János Lucsik and Sólyom Airways Hungary's connection to the late Tamás Welsz - the thermal bath had to be closed.
The transformer housing surrendered permanently after reopening after an emergency. The Göd thermal bath, which is so popular among the electorate, has closed its doors. All this in high season, endangering the livelihoods of 14 Göd families. According to our information, the monthly income of a beach of this size and frequency is 25-30 million forints, which will now be missing from the coffers of the local government.
According to the internal opposition, the problem goes beyond the closure of the thermal bath. According to them, Csaba Balogh is not really interested in Göd, he is not really interested in the fate of the people of Göd. It may be a sign that in Göd's Facebook groups, articles about torn swings, neglected playgrounds, rampant ragweed, potholes that have been gaping in the middle of the street for months, or bridges that are falling apart. If the content of the entries corresponds to reality, the question really arises as to whether the settlement along the Danube, which has not seen such beautiful days for a long time, has a responsible management.


! ️2. The first disbanded alliance in the country
In October, the entire opposition palette was behind Csaba Balogh, but time exploded the alliance.
As is well known, the mayor Csaba Balogh Momentum initiated the replacement of Fülöp and Lőrincz in the House of Representatives a couple of weeks ago. The mayor justified his decision by saying that his subordinates were not doing their job properly, and in the case of Lőrincz he also raised a corruption case. Those involved denied Balogh's allegations and, in response, threatened their superiors with the disclosure of his dirty affairs.
In a statement on Monday, the Left Quartet wrote that in October last year, left-wing parties formed an alliance to work together rather than to squander. "We are very sorry that Momentum and Csaba Balogh have been engaged in warfare in recent months instead of running the affairs of the City of Göd, and in an unusual way he has singled out his own allies, the other opposition parties, as enemies," they said.
As expected, there has been an explosion from the long-running conflict: the four left-wing politicians have announced that representatives of Jobbik, DK and LMP will form a joint faction.
And this means no less, as the left-wing majority in the Göd body has disappeared. With the resignation of the four politicians, corporate mathematics developed as follows:
the DK-Jobbik-LMP fraction 4;
from the disbanded left-wing group to Momentum 3;
to Dialogue 1 (Judit Hlavács presumably stands next to Baloghék); furthermore
Fidesz-KDNP has 4 representatives in the General Assembly.
In Hungarian, with the departure of Lőrinczék, none of the blocs has a majority in the general meeting. This implies that, from now on, Balogh will only be able to pass a decision if he can agree on it with one of the other two groups. Thus, it is easy to imagine that even Fidesz-KDNP politicians will be the language of the balance sheet.

If the crisis persists for a long time and the body proves to be inoperable, an interim election may even be called.


Under Csaba Balogh, the bar began to vibrate, so further interesting scandals can be expected in the future.

So we can see how the opposition is experiencing its desire for power in Pest County: scandals, mistakes, contempt and secrecy characterize the front-runners of the recently elected democracy.😠

! ️Be instructive over the last three-quarters of the year and note carefully what the left does when it is in power.! ️

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