There was poor quality foreign food in the paid aid package of DK in Újbuda

There was poor quality foreign food in the paid aid package of DK in Újbuda

! ️It was poor quality, foreign food bought from friends in the DK aid package in Újbuda, which was given for money anyway. Of the 16 products, only 3 are Hungarian, when everyone should buy a Hungarian product to protect their jobs.

Klára Dobrev's great favorite, Imre László (who is a doctor anyway), sold poor, unhealthy food as an aid package (thus collecting political laurels) and sold it to the residents for money. He bought the contents of the package in the shop of a friend of his MSZP, so he also took advantage of a nice corruption opportunity in connection with the epidemic situation.

Stored at the MSZP Asia Shop: out of 16 products, only 3 Hungarians in the food packages of the SE municipality

Emergency corruption was discovered in the citadel of the SE by Előd Novák, a representative of the municipality of Újbuda. The products were purchased from the Asia Shop, led by a member of the local board of the MSZP, for good money into the municipality’s food package; of the 16 products, only 3 are Hungarian, even bread and milk are foreign. No wonder there were plenty of unhealthy products left on the neck of the municipality for tons, although the exact numbers were encrypted.

The MP presented the failure of municipal food packages purchased for emergencies. An indignant citizen sent a unit package sold to residents for 5,300 forints back to the mayor to eat: it was full of unhealthy food. We can rarely see a Hungarian product in it, out of the 16 products, only 3 are Hungarian products, even the bread is foreign, the milk is not Hungarian either. No wonder almost all the packages remained on the neck of the municipality, there was no trust in the residents of Újbuda in the municipality.

Exactly how many packages did the municipality buy and how many orders were received from residents? What will be the fate of the rest? How much did it cost the local government, and how much money came in from the packages sold for HUF 5,300?
- despite asking these questions in writing in advance, the MP did not receive an answer, as the products were bought from public funds from the Asia Shop led by András Baráz, a member of the local presidency of the MSZP and a candidate for 2019, seizing the opportunity for corruption in the country's fifth largest which can also be considered the capital of the SE and the hen laying golden eggs.


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