Hungary is constantly evolving

Hungary is constantly evolving

While left-liberals are fighting power struggles in the cities they are usurping, stopping developments, diverting resources, raising taxes and terrorizing residents with word of mouth regulations, the National Government is doing its job. Here are the improvements handed over over the last few days.

🇭🇺1. The Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath was handed over.
The Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath has opened on an area of ​​three hectares, in which three thermal pools, an adventure pool, a children's pool and a sauna offer recreation opportunities for nearly a thousand visitors in summer and 340 visitors in winter. The cost of the total investment is HUF 3.5 billion.

🇭🇺2. The new building of the Keszthely library was handed over
An investment of approximately HUF 56 million was made in the György Fejér City Library. The building has received a new wing from EU and municipal support, which will function as a community space in the future.

🇭🇺3. The Galbácskerti kindergarten, renovated and expanded for HUF 150 million, was handed over
In July 2019, at the beginning of the renovation work of the Galbácskerti kindergarten, a time capsule was placed, which preserves the documents of the investment as well as the news of the day for posterity, and also laid the new cornerstone of the kindergarten.
The investment was completed a year later, and a memorial plaque was inaugurated on Friday afternoon in honor of Vilmos Apor, the founder of the institution, on the wall of the building, dedicated by the parish priest Péter Kovács.
The kindergarten was originally built in 1939 and was only renovated in 1987. During the current investment of HUF 150 million, the entire building of the kindergarten was renovated, 2 group rooms were turned from the street front rooms. In addition, the institution was expanded towards the courtyard, where a community space was created.

The Cistercian St. Bernadett's family apartment house in Siófok, which was built with the government's HUF 615 million support, was handed over on Wednesday.
During the handover, Bence Rétvári, Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Ministry of Human Resources, said that one of the missions of the apartment house, named after the patron saint of families, is to host family communities.
Families who live their church lives together can also spend their free time in a center set up for this purpose, thereby strengthening each other's commitment to the family, he added.
The Secretary of State emphasized that in addition to its clerical role, the Cistercian order had achieved significant achievements in secular life and in the economy in recent centuries.

🇭🇺5. The renovated market square of Kőszeg was handed over
The renovated market square of the city was handed over on Saturday morning, which was implemented using EU, domestic and municipal funds as part of the more than HUF 443 million worth of the environmentally conscious rehabilitation of Városmajor.

🇭🇺6. The bicycle path connecting Eger and Egerszalók was handed over
After the technical inspection and handover, the cyclists could officially take possession of the bicycle path connecting Eger with Egerszalók and the Demjen Thermal Valley. The approximately 5 km section, which will be part of the international EuroVelo 14 cycling route, was built from 432 million forints.


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