Wages for social workers did not increase by 14% in 10 years, but by 114%

The camouflage portal, tarha.hu (ie index.hu), is lying

Wages for social workers did not increase by 14% in 10 years, but by 114%

"Kásler is not debating the wages of social workers, because they have risen by 14 percent in ten years," writes index.hu, Hungary's largest but increasingly insignificant pseudo-newsletter.

The reality, on the other hand, is that the wages of social workers have increased by 114% compared to 2010 levels.

! ️Wages of social workers only increased by 14% this year!
Wages in the social sector have risen by 14 per cent since January. The measure affects 84,000 people working in state, municipal, church and civic institutions. Details:https://www.origo.hu/itthon/20200219-kasler-miklos-14-szazalekkal-no-a-szocialis-szferaban-dolgozok-fizetese.html

! ️And in 10 years, it has grown by 114%.

From 1 January 2014, the social sector allowance,
From July 2015, the additional allowance,
From December 2016, the consolidated social sector supplement,
From January 2018, the health supplement, while
In 2020, the guaranteed minimum wage adjustment and consolidated social sector bonuses raised the incomes of those working in the sector.

However, this does not end the wage increases - the minister stressed, the government is dealing with the issue. It does not want to provide a one-time wage supplement, but a salary increase that is built into income. He added that in 2020 the Cabinet spent HUF 36 billion on wage increases with a 14% increase back to the beginning of the year, so compared to 2010! ️The average social wage increased by 114 percent.! ️


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