We tasted the latest camouflage propagandaist Olga Kálmán, a left-liberal propagandist

Give it on! (Fidelitas could also make a video version of this)

We tasted the latest camouflage propagandaist Olga Kálmán, a left-liberal propagandist

The left-liberal pseudo-propagandist propagandaist Olga Kálmán, or the "mucik" of Henrik Havas (https://youtu.be/yg-ozmUns0Q) did not talk about family support, tax cuts, job protection or job creation in his latest video. It also obscures the added value of Olga Kálmán, who is employed by the Municipality of Budapest and lives from millions of public funds every month, for the people of Budapest, as she has only dealt with the expiration of Fidesz so far. He is not interested in reality, he is only responsible for ending the government with lies.
We’re taking your latest video to taste, but two things in advance.

! ️1. Hungary restarts: government action in an epidemic situation - a reality.
! ️2. The performance of the left during the epidemic and their opinion about the Hungarians (this doesn't even include their camouflage video!)

Video of Olga Kálmán:https://www.facebook.com/originalkalmanolga/videos/737436410416921

So let's look at Olga's nonsense in points!

! ️1. "Lőrinc Mészáros gets billions for tourism" Lies!
Reality: Not true, as the government does not give the money to Mészáros, but develops 35 existing hotels in Hungary, only a few of which are owned by Lőrinc Mészáros.
We have a tourism sector that generates 6.8% of GDP, or HUF 2,900 billion a year. There is a tender that would help the sector recover, as tourism was the first and biggest victim of the epidemic, virtually ceasing to exist 2 months ago. What is this money compared to 2,900 billion? 2.8%. If we think about how much money comes back to the state in the form of VAT alone, it is not an expenditure but an investment.

! ️2. “Lőrinc Mészáros received 1 billion for his testimony” - A lie.
1 billion is the total cost of the investment, roughly 5-6% of this money is the benefit of Mészáros' company, from which the 25,000 people working there will receive a wage increase, new jobs will be created, the money will "return" to the Hungarian economy.
And our children can enjoy the testimony, this is not the first or the last such investment! Thousands of schools, kindergartens, nurseries have evolved in recent years.

! ️3. 7.5 billion for the "Orbán residence"
Lie! The renovation of the Buda Castle has not started yet, the money spent on it has long been set aside, the construction is in progress. The castle will be renewed within the framework of the National Hauszmann Program. The Buda Castle is part of the outstandingly valuable built and cultural heritage of Hungary, Europe and the world, the symbolic place of the nation, the cornerstone of our identity, for which we have a common responsibility.
The renovation will take place in 10 locations, of which only 1 building currently serves as the seat of the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office, it is not the workplace of the "Orbáné", but the workplace of the current Hungarian prime minister and his apparatus. And dictating the prime minister and his international guests is political suicide. Hungary strives for partnerships with everyone, the Hungarian Government tries to conclude contracts that are beneficial to the country for the benefit of all of us, of course the protocol is also part of this.

! ️4. "The Ministry of Finance will move to 50 billion"
Lie! The reality is that the money was and is being used to renovate the building of the former Royal Treasury, to be precise, to restore it to its early 1900s. The expanded and remodeled building will serve as a workplace for 800-1000 people and will include restaurants, a library, archives and several representative rooms. So this is also a public building, not the Ministry of Finance, not Orban and not Varga, but our next historic public building will get its old glow back. From this the left-liberals are shaken by the cold, as it is history, culture, Hungarian.

! ️5. “20 billion for government office furniture” Lie! The reality, on the other hand, is that the government does not buy furniture for HUF 20 billion, but in all public institutions where it is needed.
The amount also includes the delivery, assembly and maintenance of the furniture.
The furniture will go to nearly 1,000 institutions (social institutions, government offices, document offices, schools, kindergartens, etc.) so this furniture will not be used by the “zorbán” but by everyone. Left-liberal propaganda TV, the RTL club, on the other hand, showed Péter Szijjártó's chair in the report, which has served 8 cycles in 22 years, and the minister does not intend to replace it.

! ️6. The salaries of secretaries of state have increased: Lies! The reality, on the other hand, is that the salaries of MPs have risen, the salaries of all MPs, and the decision has not been made yet.
Following European standards, Hungary has introduced the solution that the honorarium of Members is three times the current average salary. This is also the case in other European countries. (where the basic salary is lower, it is compensated with bonuses, but the end result is the same)
The financial independence of the deputies is ensured by the Act on Parliament through honoraria and other benefits.
The monthly parliamentary allowance fixed for the period from 1 March of the current year to the end of February of the following year shall be three times the average monthly gross earnings of the national economy for the year preceding the current year. The honorarium increases in a band depending on whether the Member is a member of a committee or holds a parliamentary office. The representative receives a fuel card for transport and is entitled to use a mobile phone service. A representative who does not have a homeowner in Budapest is entitled to use a home as defined by law. The Office of the Parliament (in the countryside or in Budapest) must provide a properly equipped office for Members.
In Hungarian, as the average wage increased, so did their honorarium - automatically, to all the members, also to the left, who did not object.

! ️7. “18 Billion Mongol Vaccine Factory” Lies!
What is it about: a Hungarian company, Szijjártó, is building a vaccine factory in Mongolia for 18.5 billion and has also offered a $ 50 million aid loan.
Lie 1: It is not the Hungarian government that will build for 18.5 billion, but the Hungarian company. The Government has offered a loan for this through Exim Bank, but it is not yet certain that this will be necessary.
When a foreign company (possibly BMW) comes to Hungary, there is a crying silence as to why they do so. This is okay, as this is one of the cornerstones of the market economy, capitalism and globalism that the left loves so much: Instead of national companies, multis are emerging, setting up factories and sites in many countries around the world, for cheaper labor, tax breaks, declining transport costs and often state subsidies. So in this case, it is completely normal for a foreign company to come to Hungary.

! ️8. “Nearly 2 billion (and 50 billion) hunting exhibitions” Lie! The money will not be used for the exhibition, but for the renovation of public spaces, public parks and institutions.
The left does not understand the simple thing that it is important for the resumption of life to hold world-class international events in Hungary.
NOT the exhibition will cost 50 billion, but in preparation for it, many public spaces, public parks, amusement parks, forests will be renewed, the size of the green area will increase significantly.
The main venue of the exhibition fifty years ago was HUNGEXPO, which, renewed by 2021, will serve as an ideal venue for the grandiose, multilingual, central exhibition of international guests from all over the world. The fair center is located 5 kilometers from the heart of Budapest and 15 kilometers from the airport, on more than 35 hectares, in a park environment, where the exhibition area exceeds 55 thousand square meters.
The environment of HUNGEXPO will be renewed, the size of the green area will increase significantly. Visitors to the 2020 International Eucharistic Congress will be the first to receive a modern, and at the same time much greener, area. Due to the developments, HUNGEXPO will be able to hold similarly prestigious international events even after the World Expo.
The main event of the world exhibition is the multilingual central Hungarian exhibition. Foreign countries that accept Hungary's invitation to officially participate in the exhibition can present themselves with their own stands. Most of the exhibition materials presented here will be housed in various museums after the event. The exhibition is open to domestic and international visitors from September 25 to October 14, 2021.
The Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden, which was already an important stage at the 1971 event, will be a highlight in Budapest. In addition to the wildlife to be presented in the Pannon Park, which will be built in 2021 on the site of the old Amusement Park, in a biodome that is already in full swing, renovated catwalks presenting the fauna and characteristic animal species of the Carpathian Basin await visitors. In Budapest, there will also be cultural and professional events in the City Park, the Hungarian Agricultural Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery, the Palace of Arts, the Hungarian State Opera House and the Academy of Music.

! ️9. "1 billion skating rinks for construction." “Although the text of the DK propagandist does not reveal what he meant, he probably lied a good thing about the Baja news.
An ice rink may be built in Baja, MPs described the construction of the ice rink as an important development, but the location is uncertain for the time being.

The Baja House of Representatives discussed the investment at its June 30 meeting. Mayor Klára Nyirati drew attention: the city must be provided with space for important development. The application contains 30% self-sufficiency, but after the issuance of the support certificate, the Balu-T Sports Association can submit a 100% TAO support to the MJSZ. - In winter, thousands of schoolchildren in Baja learn to skate. The investment will not cost the city money, while events such as the DJ Festival could be organized here from spring to autumn. However, it is possible to offer other locations.
The board was divided over the site, with several opposing the further construction of Petőfi Island. They support the construction of the ice rink, but are looking for another location for development.
Lajos Kósa is currently working in Budapest, Debrecen, so he will certainly not be the main beneficiary of the planned ice rink in Baja, but the children in Baja.

! ️10. The Prime Minister “applauded” HUF 200 million a day for sports investments. Lie!
The reality, on the other hand, is that, on the one hand, it is a shouted number, it does not support anything, and on the other hand, the Prime Minister does not “applaud” the money, but the investments that have been launched, accepted and ongoing do not stop despite the crisis. Unlike in left-liberal cities, where developments are stopped, money is distributed among buddies. There, the population gets tax increases, deductions and layoffs, and the buddy companies get billions.
Not only sports are evolving, but everything (e.g. kindergartens, hospitals, roads, nurseries, schools)

! ️11. Belgrade-Budapest railway line: We do not understand why the development of infrastructure and international logistics is a problem for left-liberal propagandists. Surely they need a poor country, unemployed people, because only they can buy them for a bag of fries. In a big way, they forget that the traffic between Budapest and Belgrade still goes on today, only by road: thousands of trucks damage the air every day, while the development of rail transport is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.
The construction of the 152-kilometer Hungarian track section has begun.
According to the plans, Hungary can become the logistics center of the region with the construction of the Budapest-Belgrade railway, about which the Minister of Finance Mihály Varga signed the agreement today. The project, which will allow freight trains up to 750 meters long to travel to the Greek port of Piraeus, which has been favorably invested by China, will provide a long-term connection to Europe through the Hungarian capital.

! ️12. "6 billion propaganda":
Lie! It fulfills the government's obligation to provide information.
Left-liberals have previously lied that the Hungarian Government will spend 150 billion forints on "propaganda" in 2020, which they say is 75,000 forints per family. According to Momentum, according to their calculations, there are 2,000,000 families in Hungary, although according to the CSO report, there are 4,004,823 households in Hungary. Not knowing what Momentum considers a family. Somewhere we are all relatives, but it is not worth going back to the Árpád House. In our view, a family should be considered as living in a household for the purposes of such calculations.
The reality, on the other hand, is that the government has concluded a HUF 50 billion framework agreement on communication costs, as it cannot do anything else - it has an obligation to provide information.
Over the past 4 years, communication costs have amounted to HUF 190,000 billion, which is HUF 47.5 billion a year.
Based on this, and inflation, the new framework agreement of 50 billion seems realistic. If we divide this cost by the number of Hungarians living in Hungary, it comes to HUF 4,846 per person, calculated at 9.8 million people, which is roughly the price of two pizzas per year.

If, according to Olga Kálmán, the government spent 6 billion on “propaganda” in 4 months, then the government was very frugal compared to its previous expenditures in this area, because this means 18 billion a year compared to the previous 4735 billion.

Let us mention only incidentally that the investments he objects to give hundreds of thousands of people a job, a salary and a secure livelihood.


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