The first Leopard 2 tanks in Hungarian colors

The first Leopard 2 tanks in Hungarian colors

The wedge-shaped insignia was placed on the first Leopard 2 A4HU tanks to be delivered to the Hungarian Armed Forces. At the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) factory in Munich, Brigadier General Gábor Lőrincz affixed the insignia and the coat of arms of the Tata corps to the vehicles already painted on the final concealment colors.

The first Leopard 2 A4HU tanks will arrive in Hungary during the summer, he said at a press event held at KMW's Munich factory yesterday. The tanks will start their service in Hungary at the 25th György Klapka Rifle Brigade in Tata. The twelve pieces of armor will help train the later new Leopard 2 A7HU tanks to arrive. The first Hungarian insignia, the Tata corps and the coats of arms of the 11th Tank Battalion operating there were placed by Brigadier General Gábor Lőrincz on one of the already completed tanks. The special occasion was attended by several members of the Hungarian tank unit and the liaison officer of the army in Germany, as well as the Hungarian leader of the program. The Bavarian plant currently had two tanks already wearing Hungarian covert colors and an armor still under painting.

During the presentation on the history and present of the tank factory, it was said from the leaders of KMW and the managers responsible for the Hungarian program that the first 12 Leopard 2 tanks will arrive in Tata by the end of the year. The Hungarian side purchased 27 months of logistical and training support for the German tanks currently operating, which were completely different from the Soviet-made T-72 tanks. The new Leopard 2 A7HU tanks, of which Hungary has ordered 44, will be delivered by the German manufacturer between the third quarter of 2023 and the third quarter of 2025. As part of the package, one vehicle suitable for driving practice and education (there is a panoramic, glazed cabin at the site of the tower), five Wisent 2 technical rescue vehicles and three Leguan bridgehead tanks will also arrive. Each vehicle is built on the chassis of the Leopard 2, and the high degree of matching makes operation easier. With the procurement, the Hungarian Armed Forces will have the most modern tanks in Europe.

The presentation also included the PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery cannon, which is part of KMW's portfolio and was also ordered together with the tanks. Production of the 24 self-propelled artillery devices has begun, and the first armored trough at KMW's supplier is already under construction.

After the presentations, there was an opportunity for the military delegation and invited representatives of the press to see the production lines. During the tour, everyone could be sure that used, leased Leopard 2 A4HU tanks would be dismantled to the last bolt, parts would be refurbished or replaced with new ones.

The visit ended with a static and dynamic demonstration in the factory yard, where the Leopard 2 A4HU and A7 tanks could also be seen in motion. The A7 was a ready-made Qatari vehicle. Also introduced was the Leguan bridgehead, which can bridge a ditch of up to 24 meters under combat conditions so that tanks weighing more than sixty tons can also cross obstacles.

As we wrote earlier: in the Zrínyi 2026 defense and force development program, the acquisition of new equipment is ongoing. At the end of the year, the first copies of a large number of ordered 4 × 4 off-road combat vehicles will arrive from Turkey. Delivery of the Airbus H-145M lightweight multi-purpose helicopters will also continue. The transfer of weapons assembled in Hungary to the affected organizations is also continuous. In addition, individual equipment for soldiers will be modernized as part of the Digital Soldier program. This autumn, in addition to the four existing ones, four more Zlin 242 training aircraft will arrive at the Hungarian Armed Forces, as the ever-expanding number of aircraft requires trained pilots.

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