Another left-wing virus-lie: now a magic machine

Another left-wing virus-lie: now a magic machine

After Athina Németh's lifeguard, we now present Károly Németh's "consultant" by presenting an article by Magyar Nemzet. The method is the same, this time the left-wing media produced news showing all the obvious signs of fake news.

And not only the left-wing media, but also DK: István Vágó distributed the material on his social network almost immediately after the publication of the HírKlikk article.

It is good to know, writes Magyar Nemzet, HírKlikk is the news portal whose close proximity to the MSZP is no longer a secret, thanks to an amateur incident. HírKlikk delivered the announcement of Lajos Korózs prematurely, in the form that the published article also contained the internal instructions of the MSZP consultants performing manual control.

Well, the article published on the Hí website yesterday is not far from the video by Athina Németh, which characterizes the political work of Lajos Korózs. The focus of the fresh left fake is again an interview rich in adventurous twists.

A certain consultant of the portal, Károly Németh, an alleged consultant of Norcros Hungary Kft. they buy expensive but outdated machines ".

Németh claims that the cheap and modern instrument has also been registered in Hungary at the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health (OGYÉI). Moreover, he toured domestic authorities, including Professor Béla Merkely, but recommended the machine to Cecília Müller, a national chief medical officer, and to the directors of several state hospitals, who "fainted one by one and urged us to negotiate with the government as soon as possible."

Of course, he didn’t close the line with Merkely and Müller; According to him, he also spoke with the infectologist János Szlávik and professor Ferenc Jakab. According to him, they also praised the machine, moreover, it was awarded the title of "number one".

And to the question of why state leaders still don’t want to order from the device, Károly Németh gives the answer that suggests corruption: “because they can’t make money on it. Or it has already been decided at the highest level, to buy the 16 million rather than the three million instrument ".

Németh also allegedly sought the Secretary of State for Health, but was not received, and the staff of Minister Miklós Kásler said he "only promised", but he was never called back.

However, according to the Hungarian Nation

neither Minister Miklós Kásler nor Secretary of State Ildikó Horváth received a written request from the said company and Károly Németh.
János Slavik and Ferenc Jakab deny that he would have given a positive opinion about the machine. Although János Slavik received an e-mail from the company. from his executive, but did not respond to him and saw the machine only in the video attached to the email.
In his reply, Ferenc Jakab clearly described that the laboratory of the University of Pécs was not accredited to perform such tasks, so he could not perform the examination, and he did not have access to positive patient samples, which would be essential for testing.
There is no trace of the Ltd. in OGYÉI's transaction tracking system or correspondence.
National Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller did not praise the instrument to anyone, including Károly Németh, who commented on the article, and did not even see the equipment.
The confusion of the statements listed in the article is only exacerbated by the part of the article that can be read in the HírKlikk material despite the fact that, as indicated by the editorial board at the end of the article, the interviewee himself asked to withdraw it "to avoid possible attacks".

This part is about the fact that Károly Németh, as he puts it, “imported a Chinese mask together with the Hungarian state through his company.” Moreover, he says, he was there just when Viktor Orbán took over the masks.

According to his report, Károly Németh then started talking to a customs officer. He asked when the goods received by the prime minister would be unpacked. The customs officer's answer to this was - writes Károly Németh's information, HírKlikk embraces it - that the goods are not unpacked, because they are already going to another country.

According to Károly Németh, there were four consignments "which were presented to the Hungarian people with a large pinch, but were not unpacked at all".

So this part of the article that remained in the interview despite the withdrawal. The HírKlikk procedure is strange: it is difficult to understand why they write that their own interviewees no longer want to disclose this information when the same article continues to expose the country-world to the rumor that the statementer did not even undertake.

If we did not know Lajos Korózs' famous and infamous interviewee, Athina Németh, the left-wing "star" known as a lifeguard, we would by no means be able to interpret this contradictory statement. according to the code of ethics of the left.

Nothing is right around the company
Norcros Hungary Kft., Which appeared in the HírKlikk interview, was founded on 11 May this year. This is also strange because the date of the takeover of the Prime Minister's mask mentioned by Károly Németh in the interview is March 24.

Moreover, in Norcros, Németh is not formally seen. The company has two owners: László Imre Kovács, who was born on January 1, 1988. Kovács' address is 1115 Budapest, Etele út 56 / B, 2nd floor, 15. In addition, we found five companies that had previously been reported here and were wound up by forced cancellation.

The other minority owner of Hungarian Norcros is a limited liability company called Norcros GMS Group SL. According to the available data, the Spanish company Norcros has been operating for more than twenty years and is based in San Sebastian, Basque Country.

it is registered in the courtyard apartment of a condominium with an inner courtyard.

According to publicly available data, the company's main activity is the wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Interestingly about the latter, the same company owns a website inviting volunteers from Rwanda and Kyrgyzstan, which is available at The fact that a certain lawyer, József Németh, appears as the delivery agent of the Spanish company further complicates the already very confusing picture.

The title of the Hungarian Norcros causes another serious surprise. The company is located in Budapest XIII. district, 48 Lehel Street. It is located in 1., which is also referred to as the "Kika-Irodaház" in the company database, and hides hundreds of titles that are being forcibly deleted.

A company is therefore registered in a cemetery

in which Károly Németh, voiced by HírKlikk, is a "consultant", and which is allegedly the Hungarian representative of an instrument "ordered by Western hospitals" for tens of hundreds of thousands. Last but not least, the CEO of the company is a lady named Romoda Kinga. Not much is known about the latter, apart from the fact that the settlement called Madaras, close to the Serbian border, is located in the house at 81 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, and a lady of a similar age graduated in 2000-2001 from St. Albert Györgyi Vocational High School and Vocational High School 15 / C, in the infant and child care class.

The lady’s posts on the publicly accessible portion of her Facebook profile don’t reveal that we’re dealing with the CEO of a serious company set up for millions of stores.

Street address of Norcros Lehel on Google Maps:

The story is not over, we continue. - promises the Hungarian Nation.

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