Roma employment is moving in the right direction

Have you noticed that more and more Roma are working in more and more places? This is very good, as they can be integrated only this way!

Roma employment is moving in the right direction

In connection with the recent brainstorming of Anna Donáth, on duty Momentum clown, “Roma life also matters” (1), we looked at how Fidesz acts instead of talking. We have shown that Roma education is slowly but surely increasing (2). In this article, we examine the development of Roma employment.

There are definitely more Roma and Gypsies working recently than before (3). More and more Roma parents are setting a good example for their children to work, which is the basis for the development of adult behavioral norms…

While in 1993 only 24% of Roma of working age worked (4, 5), this proportion increased to 29% by 2003 (the latter only applies to the 15-49 age group). By 2011, the rate had fallen again to 24.4% (6), but after 33.4% in 2014 and 39.3% in 2015, 45% of Roma of working age were already working in 2017. (7, 8). The 45% indicator is still below the national average, which was 68% in 2017, but we can see an overwhelming development compared to 24%.

Before 2010, instead of starving left-liberals, it is no wonder that Roma who socialized on aid continued to opt for aid. In contrast, the labor hunger of the economy launched by civilian government has increased wages and also absorbed labor for whom it would have been previously unthinkable to work. This is not tolerated and perceived by libsik.

Nor is it a coincidence that instead of raising the family allowance, working parents receive a tax credit for their children. There is no need for a more detailed explanation of this measure in the context of the Roma, is it?

It is clear that whoever studies and works, thereby socializing according to social norms, can expect a higher standard of living and at the same time a longer life. Instead of distributing aid, Fidesz provides education and work, and thus life.


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