Viktor Orbán schooled the opposition in the Parliament

The renovation of the Chain Bridge is not due to a lack of money, but to a lack of expertise

Viktor Orbán schooled the opposition in the Parliament

The opposition also asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about the renovation of the Chain Bridge, the renovation of the Chain Bridge and the support of the trade unions in the Parliament on Monday, among the immediate questions.

The hour of immediate questions and answers was opened by Péter Jakab, who said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had a “Soros phobia”, as he had heard from the government for years that Soros had dangerous plans.

"Don't you feel like it's infinitely crazy?" he asked the prime minister. The leader of Jobbik's faction also said that his party had arrived in the middle, "today Jobbik is exactly where a Hungarian people's party should be" in order to be able to represent every decent Hungarian.

In contrast, according to him, Viktor Orbán became “from the vice-president of the liberal international to an anti-Western friend of Eastern dictators”, “from one extreme to another”.

Before reacting, Speaker László Kövér warned the politician of Jobbik that there are boundaries that he will not allow to be crossed, so consider his words, otherwise he will take the floor from him.

“He’s in Parliament, not in a pub with his better friends,” he said.

"Péter Jakab try to grow up at the level of Bajcsy, Nagyatád or Apponyi, in whose place he sits"

In response, Viktor Orbán first asked the Jobbik faction leader, "Is anyone else over there?"

He assessed the speech as "the leader of Jobbik took an oath to György Soros". He also said that Peter James shouts, insults, regularly claims untruths and does all this in an extremely uncarved way of speaking. In the ranks of the opposition, great people like Apponyi, Bajcsy or Nagyatádi used to sit.

"Try to grow up with them!" he added.

Peter James responded, "how offended are the thieves today." László Kövér took the floor for this, noting that he knew that the leader of the faction had provoked him, but "this is the order of things".

"It's hard with Mekk masters, only the expertise is needed to renovate the Chain Bridge"

The socialist Tamás Harangozó asked Viktor Orbán about the renovation of the Chain Bridge. He said that the renovation had not yet begun, but the government had made several other important decisions, such as the HUF 6 billion for the celebrations on 20 August, the HUF 1.3 billion for fireworks, and the HUF 7 billion for the transport museum 7, 8 billion, as well as the fact that 20 billion forints were added to MTVA's budget for next year, and 83 billion was spent on the renovation of luxury hotels.
The capital is asking for HUF 10 billion to renovate the Chain Bridge. Why is the reconstruction of the bridge not worth the government so much? - asked.

Viktor Orbán replied that, according to the Hungarian State Treasury, the capital's local government had a HUF 180 billion stock of government securities on 31 March. Most of the municipalities with such money that follow will have less than 20 billion, he noted.

He also added that the Kisfaludy program does exist for the development of tourism, but the whole truth is that with the support of the government, 650 boarding houses were renovated and 20,000 accommodations received support.

Tamás Harangozó asked back: if the HUF 180 billion is just there, then what has former Mayor István Tarlós done in nine years?

The central budget needs to get into the bridge renovation, he declared.

The Prime Minister reiterated that there are HUF 180 billion in government securities that can be mobilized at any time on the account of Budapest, which is allegedly miserable by the government. The government - even during the time of István Tarlós' mayor - nevertheless voted 6 billion forints for the Chain Bridge, and this is available to the capital, he said.

He put it this way: it is not the money that is needed to renovate the Chain Bridge, but the expertise, “Mecca with masters is difficult”.

Viktor Orbán shared a video on Facebook with his most clickable answers. “The hunting season is over. We will continue in September, ”he wrote in his post.

We are well on our way to remedying old injustices

László László Keresztes from the LMP asked the Prime Minister what they planned with the railway sidings. He said the actions of the left-liberal governments were against the countryside, against the railway sidings, and then the current governing forces were protesting, yet now they are following this tradition.

The sidelines were doomed to wither, and there is no rational professional year behind that, he said.

He said it was an attack on the countryside because although the epidemiological emergency was over, the measure was not withdrawn, the timetable announced for the duration of the epidemic remained.

In his answer, Viktor Orbán emphasized that the representative does not have to defend the Hungarian countryside, he has had a country-friendly government for ten years.

They are now trying to remedy the old injustices and they are not doing badly, he said.

He said that today in Hungary the railway transport runs according to the epidemiological schedule, and as long as the epidemic threat exists, the trains run according to such a schedule.

Experiences are being analyzed and a decision will be made based on them, he said.

According to László László Keresztes, it cannot be said that there are no resources for railway developments, this is also shown by the Budapest-Belgrade line.

The prime minister replied that all investments that connect Budapest with the big cities of the region have a geostrategic meaning.

He noted that an international agreement guarantees the development of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line, there are certain conditions for this.

It is not right to talk back on the issue of unemployment

The conversational Tímea Szabó spoke about the fact that almost half a million people lost their jobs or their wages fell during the epidemic, but in the meantime the government is wasting money on “buddies”. He asked if the hotel chain of Lőrinc Mészáros had used the government wage subsidy before dismissing his employees.

Viktor Orbán emphasized that in the case of job retention benefits, it does not matter who receives it.

He said it was not right to talk back on the issue of unemployment and claim that half a million people had lost their jobs was a sign of ignorance.

Before the outbreak, 4.5 million people worked, now 4 million 370 thousand, or 130 thousand less, he pointed out.

He confirmed: as many jobs as the epidemic has eliminated will be created.

Tímea Szabó said that there are 130,000 registered unemployed, but others have been paid or forced on unpaid leave.
The prime minister said confusing financial support with public procurement implies political illiteracy.

He received a question from the Member entitled What is going on here? he recalled, asking the politician to tell him next time what he was specifically looking for, and then he would be happy to give an answer.

"Economic development"

In his reply to László Szakács (MSZP), the Prime Minister said that the Kisfaludy program had nothing to do with workplace protection measures. The two are not the same and both have completely different conditions to be met, he added. Viktor Orbán said in his rejoinder that economic development is being carried out and that the people of the left, the red barons, are also receiving subsidies. I do not make a decision based on who has what color, because the economy cannot be built on a party basis. Anyone who comes with a meaningful development program will receive support, he concluded.

"Educators and other children need to be protected"

Viktor Orbán replied to Anett Bősz (DK) that there are the most modern factories in the world in Hungary, and these factories are operated by workers who come out of our school system. These factories are run by Hungarian management, and they also came out of our education system. It is not possible to look at the Hungarian education system in black and white, and I ask for more respect from the critics of the education system, the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to Viktor Orbán, they are still struggling with the integration of those from the worst financial situation, and school guards are needed in several places, and we need to protect our teachers and other children, if necessary.

He also talked about how catching up consists of two options, first you have to learn and then work. This is the only way to get out of the difficult situation, the prime minister added. Learning and work should also be supported. It’s impossible for a parent to go into school and physically threaten the teacher, there needs to be order there, ”he added.

If unions ask for money from the budget, the government is happy to look into it

The representative of the Democratic Coalition, László Varju, spoke about the fact that one of the leaders of the Prime Minister's Office had written to László Kordás, the president of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, informing him that funds had been withdrawn from them. According to László Varju, the reason was that László Kordás sided with politicians against the government during the "slave law". The representative of the DK described the letter as blackmail, a threat, according to him, "the dictatorship itself".

Viktor Orbán said this: if the unions ask for money from the budget, the government will be happy to look into it.

According to László Varju, this letter is not really about the trade unions, but about the people they represent. He put it this way: "just a hundred years after the white terror, this is the most perverted-minded government."

The Prime Minister replied: László Varju was the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy in the socialist government, during the eight years of which the left increased the minimum wage by HUF 23,500, the government in office since 2010 by HUF 87,500. He added that while in 2010 the average gross earnings were HUF 200,000, today it exceeds HUF 400,000.

Source: Magyar Hírlap

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