Gyurcsány snaps: In the last 30 years, no political force has harmed the free nation as much as you (with video)

Gyurcsány snaps: In the last 30 years, no political force has harmed the free nation as much as you (with video)

The President of the DK gave a strong speech again, although we do not know what he could talk about…

“I know you rise and lie with the concept of the nation, I think you understand. But when the sublime cause of the nation becomes a shoddy instrument of power politics, it is the robbery and deception of the nation in itself, ”said Gyurcsány.

“You are nationalists and not patriots,” Fideszt Gyurcsány addressed, noting that right-wing nationalism is not equal to a common national idea.

"The common national idea is not the same as the right to vote given to a Hungarian nationality living across the border in the territory of another state, even if you say so."
Gyurcsány declared.

According to the politician, the country was successful when it was able to belong to the European cause, starting with Rome.

“Since 2010, you have been killing this European idea continuously, in a pre-organized way, I think, in a criminal conspiracy,” says the President of the DK fiercely.

During Gyurcsány's speech, it is worth paying attention to the facial expressions of Szilárd Németh:

Secretary of State Csaba Dömötör responded to the speech of Ferenc Gyurcsány on behalf of the government. Csaba Dömötör stated that

the definition of conservative and national policy would not be left to Ferenc Gyurcsány.

He then remarked that he would also have a remorse if he had gone to Hungarians across the border countless times. If he were serious about strengthening the nation, he would not have shot at those who think differently, demonstrating peacefully. Also, if they were serious about national policy, they would not be campaigning for stronger powers for Brussels at the expense of national rights, the Secretary of State underlined.

Csaba Dömötör said that the country is still in a crisis and this can be compared to the events of 2008, when

For the government of Ferenc Gyurcsány, the crisis management stunt consisted of ruining an economy.

Then the parliamentary secretary of state in the Prime Minister’s Office asked the DK faction leader where they were socially sensitive when the banks were rescued and not the troubled ones.


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