Thanks to Lőrinc Mészáros for renovating the Elizabeth camps!

Thanks to Lőrinc Mészáros for renovating the Elizabeth camps!

Our children can camp under fair conditions, all for free. It is no wonder that the left is constantly attacking the Government and Lőrinc Mészáros for it, the measure is family-friendly, serves the interests of children and is of national significance, and these values ​​run counter to left-liberal values. The DK filth (link) will be at the end of the article, only for those with strong nerves.

ERZSÉBET CAMPING is the largest camping program in Hungary, implemented by the church-based Erzsébet Foundation for Children in the Carpathian Basin for the fifth year. With the support of the Hungarian Government, the Foundation organizes several camps and provides many children's programs throughout the year. By default, thousands can spend their holidays on the shores of Lake Balaton at the same time, while tens of thousands of students can take care of their summer programs and meals directly at their place of residence, through the Napközi Erzsébet camps. In addition to summer camps, children can take part in class trips and Christmas events.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources, nearly 90,000 people took part in the programs of the Elizabeth Camps in 2016, in 2017 this number exceeded 100,000, in 2018 the number of participants increased to more than 126,000, and in 2019 a total of about 130,000. The Foundation organizes camps and programs according to a long-term concept, which are typically implemented in the campsites in Zánka and Fonyódliget, which it owns.

Hundreds of thousands more children than ever before will be able to attend daycare Elizabeth camps this year, said the Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the Department of Human Resources.

Katalin Novák said that
day camps are held in July and August,
and by June 26, schools must provide childcare. The camps will monitor the current epidemiological situation and ensure that conditions are as safe as possible, he stressed.

He emphasized that the almost free camps, which cost 100 forints a day, not only provide supervision for children, but also - for example, sports activities, cultural programs, handicrafts - meaningful recreation and four meals a day.

The Secretary of State also points out that
the sheltered camps will be renovated, so the number of places will almost double next year.

Tibor Hornyák, president of the Erzsébet Foundation for Children in the Carpathian Basin, spoke about the fact that twice as many children can take part in day care camps in eight shifts this year as last year.

The calls will be published this week, you can apply through the schools until June 16, he explained.
He informed that there would be twenty children in a group, in case of over-registration, the participants would be selected on the basis of need. However, according to the president, the number of one hundred thousand allows all children who want to participate in the camp to have a place.

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