Olga Kálmán found the ultimate culprit

The "zorbán!"

Olga Kálmán found the ultimate culprit

! ️We didn't have to wait long to find out: according to Olga Kálmán, Viktor Orbán himself is behind the internal debates, declining popularity and financial problems of the index. Read through it!

We recently wrote several articles about the index being in trouble, as the vast majority of people have been sober-minded so far, and more and more of those who have believed so much false news so far are beginning to realize that what has been served to them so far is all a lie. The index, as one of the main mouthpieces of left-liberal parties, one of the main beneficiaries of secret left-wing party coffers, got into trouble, but neither (nor) Viktor Orbán and Fidesz can do that. Let's look at the facts!

! ️1. The left-liberal media destroys itself while pointing at the national media
The previously dominant Index among the big ones competed within its own space in the big media repression from Hír24 / 24.hu and 444. The same cake was further sliced. As these pages have risen, the Index’s revenue has eroded under the law of survival of stupidity, for the same amount of pseudo-news is now being poured out of several cockroach buckets independent of each other (and, of course, reality).

! ️2. The Index rallies but pays dividends in the meantime: Although they shout that they have no money, their readers are scammed and dragged down ugly, i.e. they rumble while taking a sad dividend from the company. The donations will give someone a vacation, a new car, or a new property.

! ️3. At the head of the index editorial office, they previously shared internal information on the site with their former board editor-in-chief. As a result, their editor-in-chief, Szabolcs Dull, was expelled from the board, but remained as editor-in-chief, so there is nothing to prevent "independent-objective" pseudo-news production. Details

! ️4. To sum up: The popularity of the parties on the left is declining, resulting in declining readings and declining revenues at the index. Internal financial problems generate tension, the editor-in-chief shares internal information, and the editor-in-chief is therefore unloaded from the board. What has Orbán got to do with this ????

The index is so independent that DK immediately embraced it, of course we are not surprised, as the index performs DK's party political tasks, so it is understandable that it encouraged its own company to support the party. But how? The index is so independent that DK threatens owners with prison because of the company’s internal decisions.
We repeat: DK PRISON threatens the owners of a company with their internal decisions

! ️5. And then now comes Olga Kálmán, who announces: Orbán is at fault.

Official site of Olga Kálmán.Index.hu.Democratic Coalition: You are ridiculous and pathetic! Do not underestimate Hungarian society! Parliament thanks 5% - there are not so many stupid people who believe your lies.


Olga Kálmán's camouflage video:https://www.facebook.com/originalkalmanolga/videos/1015761462186628
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