The left has completely bounced off the ground of reality

The left has completely bounced off the ground of reality

At the beginning of the epidemic, 60,000 people were rioted, complaining that there were few ventilators, saying a football player’s monthly salary cost more than a ventilator, so a lot had to be bought.

The next step (when you already had a lot more ventilators than you needed) came with the “Ok, there’s a machine, but there’s no doctor” standard nonsense. It turned out that there is also a doctor, lords of the Government and the Operational Tribe for the situation.

This was followed by the production of camouflage videos about other benefits, the false statements of camouflages, the burglary of hospitals, and the masked statement of people set up for the hospital worker who could not in any way be connected to health care. the lying left-liberal politicians, who, like the hyenas, tried to exploit the already overburdened health care system and abuse their position to deal with political gain (as we can see in retrospect, for example, with the support of the MSZP - with little success).

Hospitals have been bombarded with requests for data, the domestic and foreign left-wing press have been lying about sending patients home with half-stitched wounds, there is no mask, and Orbán is doing nothing, and Parliament has closed.

When, without exception, all their lies came to light, everything turned out to be created, fabricated accusations, videos, pictures, statements, the Terik, the Athinas, and all the "civilians" who were declared non-civilians at all, lying like a stream of water, and actively politicized, now comes the next step: Lots of ventilators, look very expensive.

These left-wing parties, politicians and their media could hardly wait for the moment when at least one patient would be in a situation where he could not get a ventilator .... We are quite sure that they were even pushed for such a situation to develop. Anna Donáth, for example, made no secret of her regret that the first Hungarian infected people in the epidemic were not Hungarians, but Iranians. Well, if such a situation had arisen, it would be bad to think about what a scream it would have been. And such a situation has certainly developed in several "developed, western countries." The left was still in the sky and would have inscribed in red smoke that "Orban killer."

The real situation in brief: The Government of Hungary has, of course, over-secured the number of ventilators, as the outcome of the epidemic cannot be planned, the spread of the epidemic can be slowed down, but the epidemic cannot be stopped. Everyone agrees that although we are beyond the difficulty of the first wave, there will be a second wave as well. Ventilators are technical items, so if you break down a machine, you don’t currently have to bother with repairing it, you have to take a new machine off the shelf and you’re done. We can sell machines that are considered redundant at any time, as the demand for machines is still high.


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