We will never leave our uniforms alone

EVERY LIFE matters in Hungary - Viktor Orbán

We will never leave our uniforms alone

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Uniforms will never be left alone in Hungary, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Saturday at the inauguration of the Faculty of Law Enforcement at the National University of Public Administration in Budapest.

At a ceremony at Kapistrán Square in Buda Castle, where 102 students took an oath in front of a copy of the Holy Crown and historical flags, the prime minister said that the future for uniforms does not promise to be simple, as surprising and disturbing things happen: health systems in affluent countries collapsed in a matter of days, rich countries set off in the direction of financial collapse, with an unprecedented wave of violence scorching through major cities.

Armed organizations are humiliated both on the streets and in politics, public order guards are described as racist, public esteem for uniforms is overthrown along with public statues, and the state and the law are taking off the streets, Viktor Orbán said.

At the same time, he emphasized that Hungary is not, and will not be, such a country. Hungary's finances are in order, its economy is healthy, people can and want to work, and growth reserves are high.

- We Hungarians are black-belt crisis managers, no matter how much turmoil we have around us, we have order in our heads, strength in our arms and loyalty in our hearts. And you can be sure that we will never leave out our uniforms, who are valued and respected because they take their skins to fairs for our safety and the peace of our homes.

He emphasized to the students.

The Prime Minister also said that every life counts in Hungary. "We love a world where there is order, where common sense prevails, where the law protects the innocent, not criminals, where we protect ourselves from migration, where resources are invested in the future of families and children," he said, pointing out that the survival of this world, so that Hungary can remain an island of peace and security in these turbulent times, will require the commitment, perseverance and honest work of those who have now been sworn in.

He assured them that they would feel every minute of their service: Hungary is behind you.

Viktor Orbán also spoke about the importance of patriotism, calling it symbolic that the ceremony would be held in the Buda Castle, in the center of the millennial Hungarian state, in the middle of his heart.

- The center of the heart of our country is legality, law and order

- he voiced, classifying them as the greatest benefits of Hungarian culture, because they lead to a safe, peaceful and free life.

Ordinary patriotism is the everyday feeling that the country in which one lives is the homeland of which there is only one. If that one is lost, one can only continue to live in a place that belongs to someone else, and where we are just tolerated, we can be accepted at best, he explained.

"That is why we are ready to keep from generation to generation, if necessary, to fight for it, because it is the most valuable thing we can give to our children," the Prime Minister said, saying: , and the greatness of which we all share.

He continued: this feeling is especially strong in the Hungarians, and without it we could hardly have kept the country for such a long time.

- Only the Hungarian language can condense the country, the people, the homeland and the home into a single word, as the word home does

He pointed out.

He added, however, that if those who have now been sworn in want to be good police officers, firefighters, disaster relief, in addition to patriotism, self-esteem is also needed.

In addition to the head of government, Sándor Pintér, Minister of the Interior and Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defense, as well as the General Staff were present at the ceremony.
Of the Faculty of Law Enforcement of the National Civil Service University, 70 start their service with the police, 11 with the disaster management, and 21 with the penitentiary organization.

It was highlighted in the press handout distributed at the ceremony that the coronavirus epidemic also brought a number of new challenges to the lives of candidate students. In addition to distance learning, they also had to fulfill their service obligations, performing law enforcement duties arising from the emergency for two and a half months.

The graduates are the first undergraduate year to start their studies at the Ludovika Campus in 2017. Also in 2017, the transition from three-year officer training to four-year training began, which is why the university will not issue a financial guard officer to the National Tax and Customs Administration this year, they said.


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